Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Winnings

Warren's Mom, Georgia invited
Chelsea and I to
a Fashion Show last Thursday

This Fashion Show benefitted
New Hope Ministries. New Hope is
a wonderful organization that offers
many wonderful services to the Southern
Lancaster County area...primarily
in counseling on many levels.

One of the ways New Hope funds itself
is by running a Thrift Shop in Quarryville.
Chelsea and I shop there sometimes and in
fact a couple of weeks ago I found
two very wonderful
dressy outfits for just $7 each.
A real steal!

So, the organizers of this fashion
show took clothes from the store and
put them together in creative and current
ways using friends of the ministry from
the community. Our local State Representative
and his children were models, Chelsea's friend
Kara modeled, our Creative Memories Consultant
was the narrator.

As the evening went on there were more than 70
doorprizes given away.

I won something!
Something I desperately need.

I won a pedicure!
I won a facial!
A box full of Salon Goodies!

What I really wanted was the door prize
from Southern Living. A large, very brightly
colored bowl and Cookbook.

We got home and Georgia called to say
she had just found out she won the
Southern Living door prize.

Amazing...but better than that she was
going to give it to Chelsea.

So...guess what lives at my house now.

Can't you just see this with tortilla
chips surrounding a bowl of salsa?

Fun, fun!

So, Chelsea and I will enjoy it and then
when she grows up and moves out it will
go with her...along with a bunch of kitchen
stuff that she is collecting.

A Hope Chest.
A working Hope Chest.
That is what Chelsea has.

So, I have to say that we had
an enjoyable evening and it would
seem that a lot of money was raised
for a great organization.

I am sure you look for
ways to get involved in your
community. I would love to
read about the organizations
you support and why.

In these days when the government
wants to be the banker for all,
it is nice to see charity begin
at home...
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


JD said...

Congratulations on your "prizes" sounds like you had a fun night.

Melissa said...

How fun! Congratulations on your winnings! The bowl is really pretty and you're right would be perfect for chips and salsa!

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

Wow!! Go you on all your winnings!! Enjoy the spa!!

Kelly said...

Sound like you had a lot of fun! What a neat idea for a thrift shop to do!