Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Jell-o Eggs

I could see it in my mind's eye.
Pretty eggs.
Made from Jell-o sitting on a nest
of lettuce. One for each place setting.

The first thing that went wrong was
the jell-o pack that I opened was
the blue color of anti-freeze.
Not exactly what I had expected.

Then as I poured the liquid Jell-o
into the egg mold, made of silicone,
there was a mess as it ran out and
all over the counter.

Sometimes my brain just fails me.
If I hadn't been in a hurry I would
surely have realized that the silicone
was flimsy and wouldn't be able to be
picked up.

Well, not to be deterred I got the
egg mold onto a plate and into the
refrigerator. Several hours later
I forced the "eggs" from the mold
and was unhappy with the results.

They were funny looking and definitely
not what I wanted to put on the Easter

So, I did what any reasonable person
would do with her ugly eggs.
I smashed them with a potato masher and
added whipped topping.
Now I had little chunks of
pastel blue jell-o popping out from
white goop.

I decided that it didn't look that bad
and put it in a beautiful cut glass bowl.
Now, that was better.
Almost festive.
This all happened on Saturday.
The same day I plated the mini dill
pickles and prepped other items for
Sunday's big meal.

Cut to Sunday.
There was much discussion about the
blue jell-o. What was interesting
was how quickly it was disappearing.
Turns out it is popular with guys named
Mike. Both my Mikey and Pastor Mike
really liked it. Others did, as well.

This might be a stretch but here is what
I was thinking today.

Sometimes I think we kind of do things
that aren't exactly what God would have
us to do. We get ourselves into "fixes".
Kind of like the eggs. We don't look so

But God takes those situations and redeems
them for our good and His glory.

He takes our scrambled selves and loves us
into something the cream.

I am so thankful to serve a God like that.

We still have the consequences...we are still
scrambled...but we are redeemed!

Does this make sense to anyone but me today?

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

I'm glad I read your post through until the end. It is a wonderful thought. God Bless, Karen

Tracy said...

What great thoughts to begin the day... "we are still scramble...but we are redeemed!" Happy Day, Becky ((HUGS)) LOVE the new banner and wallpaper here. :o)

Mrs. Rabe said...

I completely understand and agree!

Btw - we have a plastic mold from Jell-O that you can borrow anytime to make jell-o eggs....

Persuaded said...

i am not a big fan of jello... but i surely did like this post♥

"still scrambled, but redeemed!"

JD said...

Makes sense to me! Good post!
Have a good day, Blessings, Jill

daisy said...

Becky this is awesome. I love it! It certainly explains my life. I'm glad your jello was a hit with the family.

A great reminder that God never says "Oops." He is always able to transform our mistakes for His glory. Thanks for sharing that.

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

I got it! :-)

Anonymous said...

What if I am sunny side up???

No I get your words! I am so grateful to have a God who takes my life and redeems it!

I think I could have eaten all the jello. Sounds good!!!

Vee said...

Yes! Absolutely! It happens all the time and I'm so glad that God is working it all out.

jAne said...

Being a scrambled chickie I understand this analogy perfectly. Well said!!!

<>< jAne