Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eclectic Dinner

Have you ever had one of those days
where you just could not make up your
mind? It was my turn to make our Wednesday
family dinner...this involves our Mothers
and Pastor Mike. Each Wednesday at one
of the three houses on our street.

I decided that I would find something at
Costco to make...well, I did.

A couple of things and this is why the
meal was so unusual.

First, there was a zesty pizza with basil
leaves and fresh mozzerella. I kind of
thought of it as the appetizer. Just made
me feel better knowing what else was on the

Orange Chicken and Rice with a blend of Carrots,
Cauliflower and Broccoli. I KNOW they have
nothing to do with pizza. Nothing!

But, nonetheless, I served it all.
For dessert, I lightly cooked some frozen
strawberries and sugar, did a little mashing
to release the juice and make a sauce, leaving
some berries whole.

I took pound cake and sliced
it longways then layered it with the strawberries,
a cream cheese icing/coolwhip concoction and a banana.

Eclectic...but satisfying.
A little Italy, a little Orient,
and a lot of American Summertime!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri and Bob said...

I will bet that you pleased a lot of different tastes! Sounds good to me!

Carol said...

Sounds very yummy! Wish I had been there! ;0)

Tracy said...

We had orange chicken for supper, too! I hope that you're not traumatized from your dental work!

Joyce said...

Sounds like dinner often at my house. A mix of this and that and always a great sweet ending to top it all off makes for a happy tummy. Thanks for sharing. Oh and I visit Longwood Gardens often when I am up North. Let me know if you are having a meet up in the future and maybe I can plan my trip around that. GA blog gals met for lunch a few weeks ago and talked me into starting my blog. What a fun luncheon we all had. I hope you have fun too and post lots of photos. Glad your crown is finished and you survived:)

Vee said...

Sounds good to me and I bet that your guests found it delightful, too. Any leftovers?

JD said...

Sounds good to me, when My MIL was still living, and was my next door neighbor...we would often share our suppers. She would make half the meal and I would make half...It worked out really well. Half the work and still delicious meals...blessings, Jill

BittersweetPunkin said...

Becky I've seen that pizza at Costco and it looks so GOOD!!! When we had a mini New years celebration we got all our food from Costco, it was wonderful!

The cake looks yummy too, I've been having a hankering for angel food cake lately!

KJ said...

This sounds wonderful, Becky! Afterall, it's not much different than eating at a church potluck. Look at the wild assortment of things that come together on one plate.

I enjoy Costco, although as I am becoming more and more health conscious, I am having to overlook a great deal of junk there. However, I am also delighted by many of the simple, whole and fresh offerings that they have. We have had many happy meals via Costco, that's for sure.

How neat that you have a regular family night meal!

Oh happy day!