Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun Day!

Warren was home from work
yesterday. We didn't really
hang out together but it was
nice to have him around.

I got an email in the morning
offering leftover Easter Flowers
for planting. One of Chelsea's
Managers knows a grower who was
donating all of the leftovers to
them for the purpose of raising
money for a non-profit organization.

I called our Moms and let them know
that these were available and they
were excited to go check them out.

We left about the same time that Warren,
Chelsea and Jonathan were on their way
to some friends to help with a project.
Mikey had to work his normal hours.

We arrived at the place that the flowers
would be...but, they weren't there yet.
This was a big blessing in disguise.

Mom, Georgia and I decided to go get
some lunch and then come back.
Lunch was fun and was right beside
the Smoketown Airport. You may
have heard of it in the news.
A man flew from the Smoketown
Airport to restricted airspace a
few years ago. There was a very
official looking US Air Force Pilot
eating at a nearby table. We all felt
quite patriotic!
There is just something
about those uniforms!

If you are an American, do you ever just feel
so glad to be blessed to have been born in this
special country? Sometimes patriotism just
makes me stop and take a deep breath.
The richness of our History...good times
and horrible times that have made it possible
for us to have the blessed lives most enjoy here

And so we finished our lunch...

Then as there was still a bit of time to
burn before we were scheduled to go back
for the flowers we made a stop at a local
restaurant supply store. Warren has been
in this store and has talked about it.
So, I was curious.

I am so glad we stopped!

We found it to be a great place to get
much of the paper supplies we use at
church. There are many, many items at
wonderful prices. I was excited to see
stainless knives, forks and spoons that
were extremely affordable. I know we will
likely purchase ours there...unless I find
them at a sale first.

While I would never have thought about
stopping at a store like this if it weren't
for Warren, I highly recommend it if you
are looking for anything in bulk.
We each purchased some Bigelow Tea, 28 bags
in a dispenser box for just $2.79.

I found a basting brush. A nice one.
Can't wait to use it.
I've been wanting one for a
couple of months now...

Then back to the flowers.
These plants were amazing!
No prices. This was by donation.
I had set an amount that I was able to
give and set an arbitrary amount on each
plant and came away with nine very lovely
plants. Two azalea, two Mums, and five
hyacinth. Knowing that it was going to
rain for the next day or two we went ahead
and got our plants in last night.

It is so strange to look out and see all of
those bright colors where there was nothing
before. I took this picture out the front
window this morning in the rain. They will
soon be spent but for a week or so we should
still enjoy some color. Next year it will be
fun to see them pop up again.

And the money went to a very good cause.
This makes me so happy.

The fun Monday ended with our always hoped for
time on the couch, just Warren and I, holding
our breath as the show 24 goes by so quickly.
Too often I end up having meetings on Monday
nights, it wouldn't be quite right to say I
wasn't available because of a TV show, however
when we can, it is almost like a date. I love
Monday nights at home.

Today, it is back to our schoolwork and getting
those last pesky tax papers in the mail.
Nothing like waiting until the last minute...

Are your taxes all done?

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


JD said...

Your flowers look lovely, It's raining here today, so I hope you get nice weather to plant them. You are not alone with the last minute taxes, Ours are going in the mail today.

~~Deby said...

sounds like a fun Monday to me..would have loved to join you...
Patriotic..yes, mam....as a Air Force wife for over 22 years and sons still in as reservists, serving proudly....well I get goose bumps..at our base, where I shop...they play the National Anthem every late afternoon at the close of day...EVERYTHING STOPS...traffic, people walking...it can bring tears to your eyes....
We must pray for our country....tomorrow..my blog will probably be very political which is rare for me...but I am not happy,like most Americans...and tomorrow is the official Tea Party/Tax day....
sorry for the ramble..must be the CAFFEINE, this am

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great day! I love buying flowers!

We got our taxes done while we were in Florida so we wouldn't have to worry about doing them from over here. It was so nice to get them done early! The rebate is going to help me buy my plane ticket to go to my sisters wedding in June.

Jacquelynne said...

I know what you mean about the uniforms- when I see someone who is in the service, I always want to stop tell them thanks- but I know that I will get sappy and tearful and embarass myself, so I usually don't. But I feel so blessed to be able to live in this country, to be so blessed the way we are....
Could you tell me where the restaurant supply place is? I'd like to stop there next time I'm up in Lancaster County. And also any good restaurants that you know of- we have some favorites, but are always looking for new ones!!!
Have a great day, hope you get those taxes done!

Becky K. said...

Hey Jacquelynne,

The Clark Company has a Restaurant Store on 340 (Old Phila. Pike).

As for Restaurants...We love to get the Pittsburgh Steak Salad at Willow Valley Restaurant. We will occasionally get the smorgasboard there but really love to just go up to the upper seating and enjoy that salad or the fried chicken(Warren).

Chelsea loves Good and Plenty, I love Hershey Farms.

Jonathan loves the Ruby Tuesday at Rockvale Square and Mikey is all about Pizza. Pasquales, also on 340 is a wonderful place to eat. It is an unusual little place but interesting and the food is great.
High in garlic, though.

Hope you enjoy these recommendations.

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

i just have to say i love, love, love your header!!!!!!!

sorry no caps...typing one handed!! :-)