Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Glad to Get My Face Back!

You were all so supportive yesterday
as I dreaded visiting the nice people
at the Dentist office.

I survived.

Did you know that some dentist chairs
have massage features now?
How awesome!

During those times when there were fifty
pairs of hands in my mouth and water hovering
at the back of my throat I could focus on the
wonderful kneading happening on my back,
which was very stressed after bowling five

It just so happens that the tooth being
crowned is the last one, on the left, in
the very back. Having TMJ my jaw literally
cracks every time I open my mouth,
which always generates
sympathy from both Dentist and Assistant.
Should love that...but are those dollar signs
I see? Perhaps they think I should wear something
to sleep that would improve this.
Been there...made me gag.
Won't go there again.

About the time they were done working
on me, my face was numb from one side to
the other. This lasted well into the evening
while I complained long and loud.

Finally, when my face was completely back
we celebrated with banana splits...homemade.
Never too soon to start the next cause to
head back to the dentist, is it?

Truth be told, I have a wonderful dental team.
Everyone in this office is great.
Now that they have that massaging chair
I am thinking they may see more of me...
after bowling...they don't even charge
extra for this! lol

Mikey drove us yesterday so I distracted
myself by taking
these photos of Spring
coming back from the ground up.

The kids stayed in the van while I had
my dental work done...turned out it was
about an hour and a half.

They knew they could come in to the waiting room
but they were busy making movies and listening to
music. Maybe one of these days I'll show you one
of the silly videos they made.
Makes us laugh...
♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

Oh, Becky, what a coincidence, I on my way to the dentist this morning. Just a cleaning, though. He keeps nagging me to get 3 crowns. It's so expensive, I keep putting it off. Have a nice day.

Ronda said...

Oh Becky,
I am so glad that things went so well...considering. Little things like magic chairs that massage your aching back make it all worth while.
I do so hope you feel much better soon.
Love & Prayers,

Melissa said...

I'm glad you made it through yesterday!
My jaw pops and cracks and would lock sometimes. But the chiropractor really helped with that! It's starting to pop more again and i wish i had a chiropractor over here in N.I. But enough about me, i hope that's the last of to dentist for you for a while... even though the message chair sounds nice!

Gayla said...

I am glad that is over for you. The massage chair does sound good, but still... it IS a dentist! haha.. Have a cool day..

Carol said...

My dentist doesn't have a fancy massage chair, I'll have to mention that to him when I go in for my cleaning next month! HA!

Enjoy your day!


Vee said...

Thank you for giving us an update. I'm glad that all went well and I'm sorry to know how miserable TMJ is for you. My daughter has that and braces, etc., have never corrected it completely.

Yes, we want to see the silly video!

Oh, was that green fuzz in your world? Very exciting!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, you are such a good sport. So glad things went well and it is over!


l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

Glad it went well!!

I vote for a video!!! :-)

Joyce said...

I can so relate to your dentist issues. Growing up my Mom took me to a female dentist who made me a mental case for life. I can still see her face and hear her voice in my nightmares. I put off now until the pain is unbearable or a cap falls out. I have to lay off eating those tootsie roll pops so that I can avoid a visit doing the death grip on the chair with more novicane then a human is allowed to handle!

Becky K. said...

The green fuzz is at the Lancaster County Park. Fun to see the changes that are happening daily.