Saturday, April 4, 2009

It is That Time of the Year...

The time that makes me want

Our happy family grew several
years ago when we were gifted
two fluffy and friendly banty

Mikey was going through a stage
where he loved anything having
to do with chickens. We saw it
as a great opportunity to pursue
his interest and see where it led.

It led to a lot of work for Warren.
He first built a little nursery for
the chicks. It was cute. They lived
in our garage until they got too smelly.

That didn't take long!

It then led to the need for a chicken coop.
Warren designed and built one, actually two,
side by side. We wanted to keep our first
two separate from the new batch. Nugget and
Blue were mature ladies and we thought they
deserved their space. The young ones had
arrived in a box at the Post Office. They
were a bit rammy for the old girls.

One thing about just getting a batch of
chicks is that you don't know how many
males and females you will get. It is
not until they begin to crow does the
inexperienced chicken family know what
they actually have in their own chicken
It was hard to see Mr. Rooster leave.
He was such a proud bird.

Funny to watch.
Somewhat hen pecked though as
the last male with many hens.

When this coop is in a neighborhood
the roosters are not exactly welcome. No
one complained but we felt responsible...
so our roosters went to new homes.

Our hens matured and began laying eggs.
Many eggs. We have become somewhat snobby
about eggs now. Fresh eggs from hens that
are happily poking about in their coop are
so much more flavorful than the ones you
buy in the store. I can't explain it but
it is a fact.

So...we are at that time of the year again
where I begin yearning to be a new Mom again.
A Mom to sweet fluffy peeps.

Maybe this year we could get us some that
are already of laying age. That way we can avoid
that separation anxiety when the roosters
have to leave. I'll be talking to dear Warren
about this soon. Mikey has gotten over the
whole chicken thing...Warren has not.
He faithfully takes care of our four hens.

I delight in visiting with them when I am out
weeding or doing other yard work. Chickens are
very social birds. They let us know if they need
anything. If we pass by or are talking to them
they will gather around and look for what treat
you may have brought.

Yesterday the hens were very happy for the
weeds I pulled from the front flower beds.
Oh, so happy.


♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Karen said...

Oh, no! I can see I'm outnumbered by chicken lovers.

Clarence has ordered pullets only in the past. The hatcheries seem to be good at distinguishing males from females.

He says Murray McMurray also sells started pullets if you do decide to go that way. I can't quite imagine getting those big birds in the mail, though.

He'd love to discuss chickens with you or Warren if you have any questions you think he could answer. You've got our email addy, right?

Vee said...

See what you've gone and done? You make me want to have chickens! I can't be raising no chickens. LOL! They really do look healthy and pretty and oh what you save on eggs.

jAne said...

I've wanted chickens for a few years now. Organic eggs and sweet hens have a pull on me. We live in the burbs and our neighbors are fine with the idea of chickens, but not a rooster, for obvious reasons. Across the boulevard there's a house with chickens - and a rooster with a scrambled understanding of what time it is, 24 hours a day. hehe. Truth be told though, we rather like hearing him cockadoodledoo. We'd much rather listen to that than the boom boom boom of car stereos. sigh.

Love love love the yellow hen. What's her name?


Becky K. said...

Isn't she special? Because of her color she stands out when I look out of our kitchen window. I love to watch her feathers fluff in the breeze.

She is named after a distant relative....Mabel....oh, dear, Mom will find out about this now...


daisy said...

Oh, I love chickens. My hubby has always wanted to have chickens...we've dipped our toes in--thinking about it--but we've never quite jumped into the water. We live in a small city, and some of our neighbors have chickens, and a rooster! I love the sound of a rooster.

It gets so cold here, though, and I really don't want to be tromping out in the below zero weather to take care of chickens every day.

Maybe I need to move someplace warmer. I'm a transplant here in MN anyway!

Love2Read said...

I've always lived in the city and always wanted to raise animals. I'm probably romanticizing the entire tihng but I think it would be nice to be surrounded by living things (not that people don't count)

Mrs. Rabe said...


We have been talking about chickens....Tim is not sure we could keep up with it all,but the pull to have fresh organic eggs is strong....

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, I love your chickens!!!!!!!!!


Jacquelynne said...

They are truly beautiful!