Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just for Fun...

I am sneaking this post
in just for the fun of it.

I have been playing with
Big Huge Labs fake
Magazine Covers.

Just place your photo in
and add the Title and
Information for the cover.

I think our banty hen would
make a great covergirl...
don't you?

Or there is this one with the
flower cover. I think it would
be fun to publish a magazine.

Thankfully, for my husband and
family I know I don't have the
time to take on another massive
project. So...I'll play!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

You could really have a lot of fun with that by creating gag covers. I saw some gag magazine covers for April Fools Day that were a hoot.

Melissa said...

How fun!