Saturday, April 11, 2009

Much to Do ...

What a wonderful Easter Time
we are having at Sonrise Christian
Fellowship! First the Seder Dinner,
then the Good Friday Service last

Yesterday I set our table for Sunday
because I want to play a little hooky
on the preps. There is an auction that
we have wanted to get to for years. We
just might go today. It is called a Mud
Sale and as usual it is raining so it will
live up to its name.

Mrs. Rabe and I set up the Fellowship Hall
for the after Sunrise Service Breakfast.
We each carried in a number of items to
use for decoration, made vignettes on each
table and made the serving tables gorgeous.

She brought her glass tea plates, I brought
punch cups and Georgia loaned us silverware.

It looks as good as it can for now.

So, tomorrow's schedule looks like this:

Get up early and start the ham, roast beef,
peel potatoes, bake the cinnamon buns, mix up
the egg casserole and take it to the church
to cook while we are at Sunrise Service.

Enjoy our second Sunrise Service at a local
park...this is where our church got its name.
This time last year we were standing around the
pond and someone mentioned that Sonrise would
be a great stuck!

That makes this year all the more fun.

I have some egg molds that I want to make
something in. I'm just not sure if I'll do
a jello salad in them or a dessert brownie. is a day of preparation. When we
meet Pastor Mike later to practice music and
make sure the church is ready we will be looking
forward to the celebration of the Resurrection.
We get to play and sing the great songs of

I truly hope you have a very Blessed Easter.

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


jAne said...

Heart-warming plans in Resurrection Day celebrations are in the works at your home and others (and ours). Praise be His name!


Vee said...

I feel as if I'm riding a skateboard. Can't imagine how you're feeling. ;D

Have fun!

l♥ve my 2 guys! said...

Sunrise services are great!! Sounds lik you do have much to do, Easter is a big time to celebrate.

I hope you have a blessed one!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time of reflection on this truly awesome event that was for us!!! We have a loving God to send hissssss son for us!