Friday, September 5, 2008

Thelma and Louise Update...

I had to call them that just once.

The Moms called last night and there
was so much giggling! Me thinks they
are exhausted after a jeep ride that
apparently would much please one reader's
husband. They are convinced that even
their livers were shaken. However,
I guess it was enjoyable and the scenery
just beautiful.

Then there was the trail ride. For Mom's
riding instructor, Lindsay...The first horse
they wanted her to get on was bucking
before she even got on it and the saddle
had slid halfway off. She requested another
horse who was very gentle. The man behind her was
given the horse with attitude and she said
he was saying, "momma mia!" the whole ride.
Glad she knew enough about horses by now to
not try to deal with that one.

Today they are off to the Grand Canyon!
Yippee! Two crazy women on a "grand"

We are getting ready for some much needed rain.
Hurricane Hannah, or is that the T.S. formerly
known as Hurricane Hannah, is headed our way. I hope she
gets here and gets done before our scheduled Sunday
Evening Family Picnic.

Lazy as I am...or maybe it is
just busy...I love it when the rain waters the
plants outdoors when the Moms are away. They have
so many!

I continue to work on the Thanksgiving program.
It is beginning to come together.

Today, I will start reading THE SHACK for
our book club. Mom finished it and wanted
to read it again. I don't know, every one
who has read it so far and commented has said
the same I guess I had better get
started in case I feel the same need. We have
our discussion on September 24th.

Blessings on your day!

Becky K.


Linda said...

I'd really like to know what you think of "The Shack" when you have finished. As a Christian, I felt the warm-fuzzies everyone is speaking of; halfway through, I tossed this work of fiction. There are some good parts, but this is not our God. It's someone's idea of how he'd "create a God." :)

Becky K. said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for commenting.

I will surely have an opinion and am very likely to share it. LOL

I am curious and hope that with a waiting list of over 100 people now at our Library it draws in some new person to the book club.

Becky K.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Stay safe in the from the elements this weekend. Susan

Becky K. said...

Thanks too!

Becky K.