Saturday, September 13, 2008

Much to Pray About

Girl Praying by Coby
Girl Praying

With Hurricane Ike devastating Texas
and Louisiana and a terrible train crash
in California there is much to pray about
on this Saturday.

We watched the coverage until we could not
keep our eyes open last evening, concerned
for those loved ones in the areas effected.

While, we personally don't have family there
our Pastor has two siblings directly in the
line of fire. One in Slidell, where the flooding
is occurring again, and one hunkered down just
outside of Houston. There is much concern.

Warren's and my Mom are to fly through Dallas
today on their way home from the big adventure
out west. We pray that they will make it home
safely and without too many delays.

The ladies have plum worn themselves out...
with all of their fun agenda!

The train crash in LA is absolutely tragic.

Watching the rescue efforts that have continued
throughout the is hard to believe.

So sad!

We serve a Big God and none of this catches Him
by surprise. I pray that HE uses this to turn
our hearts and minds toward HIM.

I pray today for the emergency workers across
this Country who will see things and experience
exhaustion like never before.

I pray for the volunteers who give of themselves
until they have no more to give.

I pray for the electricians who will work around
the clock, away from home and family to restore
the power that we so often take for granted.

I pray for those in the path of the storm as it
continues to trek across this great Country.

So much to pray much to be thankful for
as I sit in my dry and safe,(for now), home.
Ike is headed our way eventually.

May you find Blessings in this day...friends.

Becky K.

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kara & jack's mom said...

Amen! Thanks for you eloquence and thoughts.... I am praying right along with you. Much to pray for today. Thanks for helping turn our thoughts toward God....


Alicia said...

You are right there is much to be praying for! And yet this is all in God's plan. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I worked in Slidell after Katrina and saw pictures this morning on TV. So I know it can flood! Keep us updated will you???