Monday, September 22, 2008

Many Photos and a Friend's Blog


It was tough to get out of bed today.

Yesterday was very full.

We had our regular service and then a fellowship meal.

I only took a few pictures there but there is one young
man I want to introduce you to. His name is Anthony.

His Mom, Kelly, writes the Cozy Comforts Blog while
Anthony writes about Creation Science at Creation Apologetics.
This young man is smart. Very smart.
We are enjoying getting to know Anthony, Nicholas, Kelly and Duane at our church.

I was asked to grab a picture of the leadership team at the church.

Warren, Jon, Pastors Mike and Jack.

The sun was full in their faces. Poor guys.

Then we left quickly to get to Longwood Gardens while there was still they close at 5. It was about 2:15 when we got everyone in the right vans and left. We pulled into the parking lot at Longwood at 3:00 so that gave us two beautiful hours.
I do mean beautiful! Look!

There was a Dahlia competition:

I did not know that dahlias came in so many varieties!

Then we were off to see some other things, like this....
Glass Pumpkins piled high in a large cornucopia.

These are little ornamental pepper plants. I love them!
So cute and colorful!

The girls!
I took this first picture, then E. moved her glasses down on her nose and insisted that I take another. Nuts! But cute, these young ones.

I got pictures of this bush because Mom planted some of these last year along her
privacy fence. Hers are pretty but not this big yet. I want to show her how they will look all grown up.
Does it ever just amaze you at the many, many colors God used in His design of plants?
It amazes me!!!!
This purple is stunning!

Water darkened water.
They do that on purpose to make the flowers stand out.
It works!

Finally, some grapes.
It looked like a few people had helped themselves to the bottom of the bunches of grapes. I guess the divine smell and the ripe fruit was just more temptation than some could endure.

Tomorrow, I will show you the trains and the tower.
The weather was so perfect and the company was so
much fun. I'll show you more of them too.

Becky K.


Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures, of the flowers and the kids. I love the purple berries. A friend gave me a start of that several years ago and I lost it. I'm still sad about that!!

Alicia said...

Wow Becky I love all the pics!! I know how hard it can be to get out of bed on a Monday when your weekend has been so full and busy...tough!! Love all the flower pics, absolutely beautiful!