Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Club

Our Book Club met last evening
and talked about...THE SHACK!

Oh, yes we did.

There was a lot of interesting
discussion about this book.

The majority of us did not like
that God was portrayed as a woman.

It was pointed out that when Jesus
instructs us to pray, He says that
we should pray to "Our Father".

I agree that sounds rather male to

Arguments could be made that God is
Spirit and therefore can present Himself
in any form He chooses. But do you see
what I just said. Our instruction is that
He is Male. So seeing him as a woman really
is the least.

However, we did not totally beat this
book up.

Some of us were moved by the book to long
for a deeper relationship with God.

To spend more time in His Word.

Others wanted to learn to hear His voice.

There was a great challenge given
to know the Truth so that fictional
books or other ideas will not distract
or misguide. The only way to do this,
it was said, is to read the Word of God.

He communicates to us in this way.

Do we sometimes have proddings or a still
small voice that encourages to do this or not
do that? I certainly think so...but a caution
was given to test each and every one of these
impressions against the Truth. If it doesn't
measure is not from our Lord.

I think, over all, this evening was excellent.

I was very happy to have two of my neighbors
join us for the first time. Ellen and Judy
you added a lot to the discussion...thanks!

Would I recommend this book to just anyone?

Probably not.

I know it is fiction and I can accept it as that,
but it appears to go against the scriptures,
in my opinion.

You may think this view makes me narrow minded...
I'm just convinced that we need to be careful to
protect the Truth as it has been given to us...
In the Word.

There are enough attacks on the Authority of God's
Word without it coming from inside the Christian
Community itself.

My two cents...and those of our Evening Book Club.

Becky K.

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