Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I watched the Democratic Convention last week.
I so love all of the intensity and energy that goes
along with these conventions.

The speeches, the hype, the media...

Oyyyyy...the media!

This week the Republicans have gotten off
to a rocky start at their convention.

Hurricane Gustav swept onto American soil
just in time to take the business as usual
aspect away from this convention.

I guess I am still unsure as to whether this
was a disadvantage. I think the Republicans did
a wonderful job in turning it around. Raising
money for those impacted and then restructuring
the schedule.

Having Laura Bush on opening night was a stroke
of genius, in my humble opinion. She is the
very epitome of grace and beauty.

Back to the media...can we take any of them to
the woodshed for the spanking they deserve?
Yikes! You would think that Sarah Palin,
Governor of Alaska, and VP Candidate was a
big bad wolf the way they are attacking
her... and her family!

I guess it is a bit scary for there to be a story
so close to their wishful thinking with Mrs. Clinton
but on the "other side" for most of our liberal media.

If Hillary Clinton had been the nominee on the democratic side
there would have been rejoicing and celebration that a
woman had finally made it to that point.

But, because Gov. Palin holds conservative values...
she is "dangerous".

Double standard! Big time!

I thought Fred Thompson was awesome last night.
There were a couple of one liners that had me clapping
and whooping as if I were in that very hall.

For example, about taxes. Barak Obama does not want
to hurt any of us in his new tax plan. So, he will just
raise taxes on the businesses. Senator Thompson asked
who of us does not work for, buy from or have anything
to do with businesses?

Good point!

I believe that it is our responsibility to "check out"
each candidate. To not accept blindly whatever our
party of choice puts up there. But to keep the focus
where it belongs...on the political record of the candidate,
the character and the person of the candidate.

I heard that there are now requests for DNA to prove that
the tiny baby is actually Mrs. Palin's.

Give me a break!

Give her a Break!

This becomes a matter of national scrutiny.
I would not love to grow up under this kind of
shadow and speculation.

As a Pastor's Kid, it wasn't easy to be the one of whom
everyone expected "more". It wasn't fair. However, it
was the case and in my case was likely helpful. It may
have kept me from trouble.

As the child of a National figure the pressure must be
intense. My hat, if I were wearing one, would go off
to all of the children of Public Officials who have
survived the pressure cooker and have done well.

As for parenting from a very public position?
I think the bar is raised there as well, since the
media is always, always watching!

The Palin children will have plenty of parenting
even if Mrs. Palin becomes the Vice President of the
United States. They have a father and a mother who
love can see that!

I may or may not comment again about the conventions
but I am certainly watching. Watching and learning.
Learning more about human nature...good and bad.

Thankful for a Government in which there is choice.

Thankful for the open discourse and the ability to
disagree without fear.

I am still unaware of a Country that I would rather
live in than this great United States of America.

May God Bless us and withhold His Judgement a while

So, to the tens of you who read this blog, Thanks!
I feel so much better now.
Venting is such great relief!


Becky K.


lady jane said...

I'm in complete agreement.

Thompson's speech was awesome, I was right there with you clapping and knodding my noggin in hearty affirmation.

Lieberman's speech was also very good. If McCain is elected then I'm thinking Joe Liberman will be in the cabinet. You think?

Loved seeing First Lady Laura Bush. She's a delight and true lady and as President Bush has said in the past, "I married up."

Sarah Palin has experience under her belt and an incredible 80% approval rating in the state of Alaska. She *is* a maverick, like McCain, and forges forward to get things done and shake things up for the better. I believe she will be a wonderful VPOTUS.

Isn't it interesting that Sarah Palin has more experience and successes in government than Obama..?

The left is scared and as is expected of them, they attack in every direction. You're right that if the VP candidate was HRC, the response would be polar opposite to how they're treating Palin.

Thank you for bringing this up. I for one enjoy the election process. I study and research and formulate my opinions, voting with complete confidence in my final selections.

Bless you.

Mrs. Rabe said...

Amen Becky, Amen!

It is unbelievable what the left wingers are doing or trying to do, but I can't wait to see her tonight. She is going to Knock it out of the park.

I'll be watching, want to come over?

BittersweetPunkin said...

I do feel that the far left sees a worthy and tough to beat opponent in Mrs.Palin and they are very threatened....they are only making themselves look petty and pathetic with their attacks.