Saturday, September 20, 2008

How Blogging Has Helped in Real Life

Yesterday I set out to design new
labels for this season's candles.

It needed to be something that would
not bend or tangle.

I loved the tags that I tied to the
jars last a point.

They were time consuming and tended
to get bent because we were moving
them around so much to different
fundraiser sites.

So...I got some sticky labels and
decided to design something that would
just stick on the jar and be done...
original, I know! I always try to resist
that but come back eventually.

Anyhoo...the justification for blogging
is coming now...I was able to find many
perfect photos to use as watermark backgrounds
on the labels. No worries about getting permission...
they are MINE! No fees to pay. They are MINE!
And all because of the blog and my new found love
of photography.

The labels look great. They will be easy to print off
anytime I need them. No more cutting with fancy scissors
and tying on the raffia...unless I want to. I will definitely
continue doing a line with the tags and raffia just because
I love the look. But for the fundraiser crazy orders...
It is just a nice, clean, pretty label!

The stars are not really on the label. Those are
blocking personal info. Sorry for the distraction.
But, can you see the black eyed susan watermark?

I did roses for the Victorian Rose scent and a nice
sunset for Tranquil Sleep. It is fun to design these

I found these fun little buttons that I will put
on some jars...just for shows. There would not
be enough time to put them on all of the fundraiser
jars. Some will be snug like this one, others will
tie onto the bottom of a raffia bow. I just have to
be able to be creative or I am bored with the process.

Thanks blog, for making my real life easier.


Alicia said...

Very cute design!! I like the photo in the background too!! A very fall candle!

Miss Paula said...

Becky, I can make you Fall, Christmas or whatever labels!!I can be used here!!! E Mail me what you want....

Kelly said...

I think the label looks really nice. It's cute and, yes, I can see the watermark picture of the black-eyed Susan. Are you sure you're not too busy?! Please be careful not to burn yourself out, dear friend.