Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am Sorry...

Three really hard little words to say.

I have said them...a lot...
this week.

It would seem that I have offended several
people in different ways.

I am an equal opportunity offender.

Friends at church are unhappy with me.

Friends at Co-op...including one student.

Even one of my own children had issues with
me this week. Who would have "thunk" it???

Last Sunday, I was ready to pack it in. To feel
sorry for myself and just throw up my hands in
surrender. To quit trying. Oh, I did feel sorry
for myself. Two women at church were feeling that
I don't care about them any more. Not True!
I just have to divide up my time now that there
are more people in our church.

Another friend was hurt by an issue at our
co-op that involved herself and my son. I love
this friend and it just about killed me to
have this strain in the friendship.

Two boys in my music class were very disappointed
by the music selections made. They were hoping for
something less choral and more "rocky". I just
couldn't find a "rock song" for Thanksgiving.

Our book club got a bit spirited in the level of one point. It all ended fine...but
that was close.

Tension...everywhere I turned.

It seemed that I was the epicenter.

There was confusion over a sleepover and
I probably stepped in where I did not belong.

You know those verses about the tongue and
how hard it is to tame it?
I relate very well to those...

I made my husband return a phone call yesterday
because I was afraid I might make an offer I
would resent later if I was the one who called.
I just do these things. I want to please people
and therefore promise things that make me crazy

Here's hoping for a calmer and more agreeable week.

I don't want to offend or hurt anyone else.

If you are one of the beneficiaries of my thoughtlessness
and you are reading this now...I am so sorry!


Becky K.


Elijah's Mommy said...

Sounds like a rough week! I'm glad you made it through. =) And I hope this one is smoother for you.

Anonymous said...

Boy weeks like that are draining but a testing of our faith!!

We're good Becky!! But then, I am 2000 miles away!!

lady jane said...

Boy oh boy, been there done that. I totally and completely understand where you are.

I think you're a peach, Becky. :o)

Mrs. Rabe said...

You are loved Becky!

Alicia said...

Weeks like this just stink, dont they?? I am such a people pleaser too, but I have slowly had to learn that I just cant do it all. Its hard to say no because you so want to make it happen and make everyone else happy too! And honestly, I still struggle with taking too much on! I feel you Becky!! We all have times like these, just remember you are loved and that saying 'No' is saying 'Yes' to you!!

Alicia said...

Oh and I should add that this is also a good thing, God has given us servant hearts and we want to serve others and make things well!

Lisa said...

Wow, I really had a week like that myself last week. The sad thing is, this one started out like that today. It ended better, and I'm praying for a better tomorrow. Life is just really hard for me right now for some dumb reason. Hang in there. This week will be better for you!!