Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Day of Blessings

Yesterday Jonathan and Chelsea
honored me with an afternoon and evening of help,
unsolicited, around the house.

Jonathan picked up the Living Room
and Dining Room, organizing the school
books and papers.
Still Life: Shelf with Books
Still Life: Shelf with Books

He managed to get me
to agree that several things could be
thrown away...I love every piece of paper
they have done schoolwork on and want to
keep it all...I can't!

Then he went downstairs and organized and
put things away. The air hockey table is
no longer the base for his Heroscape Set.
Now, we can move it over to the church so
all of the kids can enjoy it.

After this he went outside and mowed.

Crazy! I couldn't believe it.

While Jonathan was doing all of this,
Chelsea convinced me to teach her to
make lasagna.
Lasagna by Daphne Brissonnet

So we went off to the
store and picked up the ingredients.

She made a lovely lasagna and salad
for our dinner last evening. The table
was set by mid afternoon and it was lovely.

Chelsea cleaned the bathroom and her own room
then ran the sweeper.
Mother and Daughter with Vacuum
Mother and Daughter with Vacuum

She was Jonathan's manager. Telling him what
needed to be done and keeping him on task.


There was an obvious sense of accomplishment
in both kids. Not because they have never
helped around the house...but because they
were doing it this time from an attitude of blessing.

They truly enjoyed giving and I truly enjoyed
watching them complete their missions.

Mikey was working hard at his real job...so
he could not enter into this fun. Just so you know
he was not being selfish...

Have a great day!

Becky K.

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Tracy's corner said...

cna your kids come to my house, maybe it will rub off on mine!

Anonymous said...

Oh man! My helper moved away. I have sit in front of the computer/tv holics.

Mike our pastor spoke about getting off the bench and serving in the community and the church. I think he should have stuck in there "and around the house!"

I get "lip" a lot!

Alicia said...

Very nice Becky!! We (my sis and I) also helped around the house, and its so good for kids to do it! Cleaning and chores had to be done before we went out and had fun on the weekends.

That is so sweet that Chelsea wanted to learn how to make lasagna, I love that you were so willing and went shopping for it!! What a good mom you are!

Glad they were so helpful! Sounds like you did a good job raising them to be helpers!!

KJ said...

Wow! At first I thought you were recounting a dream you had... Kudos to the kiddies! Who needs Mary Poppins with helpers like that!

Hugs, KJ

daisy said...

Makes you almost want to pinch yourself, doesn't it?! My husband and I call those "paydays".

You know...parenting is the most demanding unpaid job in the world, but when things like that happen, it's the best paycheck you can earn. :)