Saturday, September 6, 2008

Boys and Rockets Delay Fall Nesting Plans

There is a project happening here
and you are the first to know about
it. Pastor Mike has an idea for
our church web site that involves
his love of all things flight related.

He has a degree in Aerospace Engineering.
That was what he was studying when
he got saved in college.
He worked for a company that designs
helicopters for a few
years before he headed to seminary.

We are in the process of making a series
of pages that will have a sci-fi feel to them
and should be fun.

The hope is to do this using the regular
rockets that the guys launch regularly.
I will be learning a lot about Photoshop
to morph the photos.

Then inside these pages we will post
regular pictures of the rocket launches
and the times we fly the remote controlled

Just more of the fun times our church has

So anyway, with this in mind, Warren, Mike and the boys went
out the other evening and launched a couple
of rockets.

With some rocket haze hanging in the background the most important thing to note here is how coordinated Mikey is with his rocket and!

Jonathan prepares his rocket.

As so often happens for us the rocket returns damaged.

That must make it time to launch Mikey's "Dragonfly".
Yes, it does have a name.

Unfortunately, his rocket also sustained damage.
The grass is too dry and the ground too hard
for easy landings...

Time to pack up and head home.

I'll be working on the rocket pages.
You'll be the first to know when they are available at the web site.

It strikes me that this could be one of the reasons my home is not yet
joining all of you wonderful people in the Fall Nesting Party.

Well, I have been filling my head with lots and lots of Music related to Thanksgiving and Fall. The leaves are falling outside our home. The
weather is certainly going to bring more down today.

I truly want to make my nest all fall-like.

Hmmm...I'll work on that today....
Blessings on your day.

Becky K.