Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Pavilion

We had a picnic last evening.

We arrived a bit ahead of schedule
to find a great spot and get the
charcoal started.

We located a beautiful pavilion.

It was clean and sturdy. There was
a fireplace and everything.

There was a sign on the front that
said to go to the office before
using the pavilion. Warren went
over to the office with some idea
of what was to come.

Sure enough, he was smiling when he
came back. I asked, kind of joking,
how much it would cost us to use the

He said $50.00!

We were amazed.

Usually if you want to reserve a pavilion
you will pay for that convenience but we
had never had the experience of having to
pay for one that had not been reserved.

On our left was a beautiful picnic grove
in the trees. The leaves made a beautiful
canopy and there was a grill right there.

Sure we were a few extra steps away from the
restrooms and the playground... but not
$50 worth of steps!

The picnic was so nice.

We celebrated the birthdays of two really
special young men, Caleb and Nicholas.

The kids played basketball, football
and enjoyed the playground.

Except for one incident beween the kids,
it was the perfect evening.
Sigh, sometimes having teenagers loses its
joy. Sometimes these things lead to discussions
that bring us to the heart of the matter.
Such was the case this night.

We are learning and growing together.

It was a nice night and I am glad we were
able to meet there.

We were unsure that we would be able to
have this picnic due to TS Hannah. Thankfully
she was well gone and the weather was absolutely
perfect for this evening.


Alicia said...

Sounds like you had a great time together and the weather too!! I love picnics!! I am always up for one!

Tracy's corner said...

sounds like a great time. Picnics are such fun!

Lisa said...

I love picnics too. The problem is, I don't go on enough of them. Especially this time of year, when the humidity decreases and it's just exceptional to be outdoors. Nothing better than nature!!! I cannot believe they would charge you $50, wow.

SweetAnnee said...

Sounds like a great picnic..despite the kids acting out..LOL
that's normal for teens..
smiles to you