Thursday, September 11, 2008

As Promised...Two Books

My friend, Carol, showed up on Sunday
morning all a~flutter carrying a cute, cute
gift bag which she presented with a flourish.

Inside this lovely bag was a very adorable,
very me, book.

Inside Patsy chats away about all kinds of things related to teas.
There are recipes for goodies to be served at your tea party.

This sweet prayer that too often can be true for any of us busy moms and grandmoms.

There are photos that are so beautiful they make you want to cry.

Why is that, anyway? Why do we cry when we are happy, sad, mad...
Inquiring husbands would like to know the answer to that question.

I highly recommend this book for yourself or as a gift to a dear friend.
She will appreciate it...and maybe she will invite you to tea.

The second book that I am enjoying, immensely, and will be purchasing
a copy of is this Reader's Digest Guide to Care Free Plants.

As so often happens, because we homeschool, I learn as much or more than the kids.
I got this book for Mikey to study from and I have spent more time with it than he, so far. It has all of the perennials that I have planted...and so much more.
I am learning how to start my own, move them and divide them.
It is like candy!!!
So much sweet information all in one place.

Someone gave me poppy seeds one time but they did not come up.
I am not sure what I did wrong....but I may try again.
They are so brilliant.

Yesterday, the kids and I cut back
all of the huge hostas by the deck.
They had suffered a lot of hail damage
a few weeks ago and were not nice anymore.

We are dividing the hostas and
putting some out in the front flower beds
and will move several plants further out
into the yard where they will
enjoy more sunlight.
I am taking a hint since all of those
plants are leaning forward...
perhaps they like the light?!
Ha! I am sharp like that!

This does mean that I will
have to expand that front
bed significantly.
Thank the Lord for three
strong children who know
how to remove sod!

Speaking of those children...
They are all still snoozing and
we must start school.

I'll be back tomorrow,
Lord willing... with more profundity!

That should keep you in stitches
until tomorrow...profundity...right!

Becky K.

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Anonymous said...

I like Patsy and I know you will enjoy your new book! She is so funny!!

Check my blog for a prayer request!