Friday, October 1, 2010

Chivalry is not Dead!

As I posted yesterday we got rain!
Tropical Storm Nicole dumped on us...
big time.  Our area received about seven
inches.  The storms just kept training up
across central Lancaster County.  

This was the second time this week that 
something that may have seemed an 
inconvenience was actually very helpful
to me.  The first being the cold.  It 
guaranteed that I did not feel up to 
going anywhere or doing anything so 
it made it easier to buckle down and 
finish my continuing ed on the computer.
My neighbor, Ellen, was just getting over
a cold as well so she didn't mind coming 
to proctor my exams.  

By Wednesday evening I 
was an emotional puddle.
Overwhelmed at all that needs to be done
around here and emotionally played out 
after our afternoon in Hershey.  That was
our first visit with a Nutritionist for Chelsea.
We like her, a lot....but, oh, the work ahead
of us.  We have gotten very lazy about planning
ahead when it comes to meals 
and eating together during the day.
That has to on Wednesday evening
it all came crashing in.  I knew that I have many 
candle orders to prep for, a house to prepare
for Bible Study tonight, and at that point a class
to prepare for our Homeschool co-op.  It was 
more than I felt capable of completing.

Well, along came the rain.
It came in huge buckets.
It flooded our streets and many basements.
I am sorry for those families.
But....God provided a respite for me
in that storm.  You see, in the early 
morning yesterday Mom had called
and offered me her car for co-op so 
that Warren could drive the van rather 
than his small Miata.  Good thing....he 
would have gotten stuck or not been able
to get there in the little car.  Our co-op
ended up canceling and I never got Mom's 
car.  Leaving me....

The kids wanted to go here and there.
No car!
It was a blessing!

Finally, last evening we walked to Mom's 
for our family dinner.  Meatloaf, mashed
potatoes, creamed corn....
a true comfort meal.  
We enjoyed it so much.

We finished eating and the kiddos headed 
home in a break in the storm.  Warren and 
I stayed to chat.  Then the rain came again.
In a big way.  Warren was so very, very 
sweet.  When we saw that it was not going 
to stop anytime soon he walked back to our
house, got the car and came for me.
Not only that, he backed the car into the driveway
to position the passenger door exactly at the bottom
of the porch steps.   
Isn't that chivalrous?
It really is not that far between our
houses....but Warren insisted and 
left to get the car as Mom and I finished chatting.

It is in their caring for us so sweetly that our love grows
and grows for our husbands, right ladies?

If Warren ever brings me flowers I will get 
but he shows me every day, in so many ways
that I am loved.  He takes wonderful care of
our entire family.

Thanks Honey!
You have proved, once again, 
that Chivalry is not dead!


Vee said...

Oh that is so sweet! I had to laugh at the M&Ms comments because I had just explained to my mother that when the M&Ms show up, that's John's way of saying that he thinks I'm overwhelmed or too stressed. Ha!

What you describe is so true. Sometimes we get on the treadmill of life and don't know how to get off. Something has to give! So glad that you did NOT have a car and so had the opportunity to wind down a bit.

All the best as you and Chelsea plan meals and mealtimes together! That sounds like priority. Course that's where the devil likes to dig...everything sounds like priority.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying for all that seems overwhelming...

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a darling story. Warren is a keeper, Becky! But then again, so are you. I am so sorry that you had a bump in the road. But God is good and it's wonderful that you can see that.
Hope you have a spectacular weekend!

Chicken Wrangler said...

Love the peanut M&M's!!! You are blessed, truly!

tea time and roses said...

A lovely post Dear Becky! Hmmmm M&M's...gosh I love those things:o) Happy weekend to you and the family.



Elena said...

Every rain cloud has a silver lining! That was so awesome of your husband. I know it is those kinds of things that my hubby does for me that I know he loves me! You are blessed:) Hugs, Elena

Susy said...

Warren is a sweetie, but then so are you. (And what a great example he is to the kids) Mom's dinner sounds like it was a good Rx. Hope you're feeling better soon.