Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Favorite Cafe

I've probably mentioned 
that Chelsea would like to 
own her own Cafe one day....

So, as part of her curriculum this 
year we are putting ourselves through
the torture of visiting a new 
cafe each week.

Pain and agony,
I tell you!

If possible Chelsea talks to the 
owner or employees, 
but mostly she just observes,
judges the surroundings, food and 
coffee for various things.
She then comes home and 
writes a report.

We have been to some pretty nice places.
However, on Monday we found
the best yet!!!!

It is one that has had us randomly 
mentioning it ever since.
The Coffee Co. is found in a 
shopping center between 
Lititz Pike and Fruitville Pike.
(Beside Michael's which is 
all the better!) 
We had 
to wait to be seated....
but it was worth the wait.

Chelsea got a latte that came 
with a gorgeous design in the foam.
We both nearly cried that we didn't
have the camera with us...
until it occurred to us that we would
just have to come back! 

I got a bowl of chili that was amazing!
Just the right level of "hotness".
Chelsea got a Caesar Salad
that she proclaimed perfection.
And that is saying something.
She has eaten many, many
Caesar Salads!

If you find yourself in Lancaster County
and you are looking for a great cup of coffee 
at a cafe with excellent service....
check out The Coffee Co.
Chelsea and I 
just might be there!

The link on the name takes you 
to their web site where you can 
see what Chelsea's Latte looked cute!!!


Tracy said...

What a fun curriculum! I wish I lived closer and we could "do homework" together!

Vee said...

Oh I will be praying for Chelsea and this terrible, awful, atrocious assignment. LOL! Okay, off to be teased by a latte.

Tracy said...

Oh, that sounds like fun... and soo good... mmm... Must go see about the latte! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Tracy's corner said...

Sounds like I have a place to stop the next time I'm up that way!

Emily said...

I think Chelsea was right, we DO need to go there before the next Grad Meeting!!! :-D

Linda said...

Wish I'd have thought to develop such a delicious project back in the days when I was a student! I can see her report, describing the design in the foam of the latte...

Becky thanks for your comment at my blog today. It made me visualize another, mirror image addition to our home for my in-laws. Our house would look so severely symmetrical that it would seem it had sprouted a matching set of vinyl siding encased wings! Good thing you plan to start from scratch. Blessings your way--and enjoy Chelsea's homework!

Vickie said...

Oh I definitely think Chelsea needs her own cafe someday! What a neat assignment. I could use some latte's and delectable delights working on that assignment! Let us know when she opens up her own place!!!

Bee said...

Becca and her college friends would hang out at that cafe. They said it was great, there and Prince St. You are so hip.

JD said...

Wow! Becky, What a terribe job you have right now? Can I take your place?
The Coffee Place...
Sounds like another good reason for us to try and get up to Lancaster...(wishful thinking) Too much going on right now. I hope Chesea is able to pursue her dream, sounds like a "good" one. I know I would come and eat in her