Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Don't Think I Would Like to Be....

The mail lady at my post office...
or any post office for that matter.
Shocking as that may sound.
I usually want to try every job out there
but really, I think this is one I don't
care to try.

The poor lady has to ask everyone 
if there is anything hazardous, liquid or 
perishable in each and every box....
which always leads to a detailed explanation
of what is actually in there and why.

Oh, you don't do that?

Well, yesterday I took some candles to be
mailed....she is used to that so that wasn't a 
big deal...
But when she tried to get me to spend $44
to send back two pair of mail order jeans
post haste, I launched into the story of how
they were just jeans being returned and I didn't 
really care how long it took for them to reach 
their destination.  
We worked our way down to $11.
Plenty to spend to return unwanted items,
if you ask me.
She probably started with the $44
to make that not seem so bad.

Poor woman.  
Having to hear everyone's story...
Unless she is the type that just likes 
to know these things.
Maybe she is.
Maybe she is one of those that likes to 
be in the know....

Oh well, 
then I should have told her that the 
van that we thought was due for inspection
in OCTOBER was really due in DECEMBER!

Stupid stickers!
Making the 10 of the 2010
so big and faking out the distracted 
drivers.  So...cancel yesterday's post on 
procrastination and just know that 
we were two months EARLY!

Well, maybe we can't cancel it completely.
I still do not have my Spring Bulbs planted.
It could happen.
Truly, it could!

I hope your weekend is beautiful
and that you are knocking something 
off a list of "hope to get to someday" items.

Becky K.


Susy said...

Good morning. I'm up early listening to it rain - I think we just got some hail! Anyway it's a perfect day to stay in and finish up the bookkeeping that I've been putting off. Thx for the inspiration to not procrastinate. Have a blessed weekend.

Karen said...

Wow, see how great you are at NOT procrastinating? Two whole months early! Impressive!

And I was just working on our to-do list with Clarence, hoping we can accomplish a lot before he goes back to working OT again next week. We feel like we're in a race against winter trying to get all those things done now that we should have done long ago. Sigh.

Enjoy your weekend! Miss you!

Vee said...

The prices of postage! Ugh. No, I make no lengthy explanations, but my mother is the queen of long explanations. I ask, "Do you think they needed to know THAT?" And she just giggles. Oh my.

Thank you for wishing me well on getting something off my "to-do" list. Today, it'll be raking the back lawn and putting away the garden things. I hope.

Mrs.Rabe said...

That story about the inspection, is funny...but now you are on top of things girl! :)

Getting chickens today...we have been talking about that for years, and more seriously all summer!

Vickie said...

Hi Becky - yes postage rates are the pits - but I'm afraid all the rates are going to go up, and they're closing one office here in our town due to lack of $$$. Everything's going to internet.

The next hike is 46 cents for a piece of mail. I'm doing more and more bill paying on line myself, too!

Elena said...

This is a cute post:) I know what you mean by not wanting to be a post lady!