Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not My Jeans....

O.k., so I couldn't resist that title after using
"Not my Dog" yesterday!

But, really, the jeans I am about to tell you 
about were not, and are not, mine!

Jonathan really, really needed jeans.
He has been sewing his back together 
over and over again for quite some time.
Sometimes I knew about it....
others I found out about later.

But, last week I took a pair of his that 
fit him well and attempted to order something
very similar online.  When they arrived they were
nothing like the ones he needed to replace.
So...I need to send those back.

Monday found Jonathan and I at the men's 
big and tall store hunting the perfect pair, or two,
of jeans.  At 6'5" or 6'6" this is not an easy 
thing to do and it is definitely not cheap!

However after trying on nearly fifteen
pair of pants we hit paydirt....
of sorts. 
Finally a pair that fit!

Now, by this time I was willing to get whatever
pair fit.  Price was nearly no object....I did say
nearly.  Because even after he found this pair
he kept trying more in different price points...
hoping that we would find something at a more
reasonable cost.


And...the store only had
ONE of the pair of 
jeans that fit Jonathan.
Well, you know we 
took that pair.
A quick stop at another
store to find that
nothing fit.

So, this brings me to the point of this post.
Is it just me or are jeans not even close to 
a uniform size? 
The same size pant in different
brands were completely different. 
It was crazy!

The price points we saw on Monday
went from $18 to $79 per pair.
 was so ecstatic to have found
a pair of jeans that he both
liked and was comfortable in.
I am thankful that we were at least able to 
find that one pair.

I am off to do a web search for
more of these jeans.
Maybe I can get them for less.......
just maybe.....
or at least just find more of
these acceptable jeans
made by
Calvin Klein.

Hey, the guy has great taste!


Mrs.Rabe said...

All off the rack clothes are that way! Different designer - different fit. It's nuts.

I can imagine what you paid for those Calvin's....

Becky K. said...

Thankfully we were at an outlet store...they were $59.99. A lot of money but they retail for double that.

Becky K.

Chicken Wrangler said...

I think its worse with women's clothes - designers sometimes like you to think you are a size smaller, so a size 16 will find her designer size in a size 5!!! Good grief! Then, if the outfit was made in China, you will never find your correct size if you are a 2XL - they don't make them that big. I hate shopping for clothing!

Anonymous said...

Becky ...You live in Amish country.
Get them to sew you a pair for
Jonathan. Of course snaps and zippers are out, but you never know. Or you could make them sideline to your candle making business. LOL
Pachuckles akaunclechuck

Jean Tuthill said...

I know, clothing is so hard to fit these days. All the women's jeans only come up halfway to the waist, if you are lucky. I'm small so everything is huge on me....and not suitable for my age. I hate shopping for clothes. I always have to "settle" for them.

Vickie said...

Hey Becky - since you know the brand, the size, and the style, go on Ebay and see if you can find some "gently worn" jeans like those. They have all kinds of good clothing on Ebay! I understand where you're coming from. One of my boys was so skinny for awhile that we had to pay double for his jeans. He was about a 28 waist and needed a long length (I forgot what) and a 28 waist jean just doesn't come that long. Good luck with that! At least you found him one pair and know where to go for more! Have a wonderful day - looking forward to seeing what else is "not yours"! haha!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Becky,

I smiled all the way through this post.:o) I have been in your shoes for sure! I do not know what's up with jeans but when you find a brand and style that fit stick with it! Relaxed fit, slim fit, wide waist, no waist....enough already.:o)

I am so happy the two of you found a perfect fit. Sweet post Becky. Enjoy a lovely rest of the week.



Tamara Jansen said...

I you want to find jeans that are more uniform in size, you gotta go REAL expensive :) But they fit GREAT!

Vee said...

Oh, I thought that I was the only one with this problem with jeans. Hmmm, I can see what a challenge it would be for a tall guy. Here's hoping that you can find another couple of pairs. It's tough having just one pair of pants that fit.