Monday, October 11, 2010

I Am Soooo Excited!!!

You can laugh if you want but
I am so happy....
Little things about the
candle business
make me crazy.

In my case, every year it is the search 
for Christmas mugs.  It is not that there 
aren't any to choose is that 
those that are available usually start 
showing up in stores too late for my

Today I stopped at a local store to pick 
up a couple of general (non Christmas)
mugs to fill orders....
As we put all 25+ mugs on the counter
the cashier and I were chatting.

It came out that there were some Christmas
mugs that had just come in but weren't out 
in the store yet.  She wondered if I would like
to see them....
Would I?????

Of course!

As I laid eyes on these mugs
I heard music!
The kind they play in movies
when the characters fall in love...
I LOVE these mugs!
They are perfect in color and style.

Understand that I loved the ones 
from last year 
and was pretty sure
I wouldn't find any I liked as much.
2009 design
I was sadly prepared to settle.
No need to settle!

Just had to tell someone!!!
Thanks for "listening"!

I have updated the candle website
to show these....
Stop by and say
"hello" there...
You could even become a "follower".

I'll be sharing and showing 
more there all of the time.


Elaine said...

I think it was your lucky day.. Those christmas mugs are darling.

Karen said...

You found a bunch of darling mugs! They are all quite cute but I'm partial to snowmen myself so I especially like those.

Glad all went well with the wedding candles, too.

Susy said...

Very cute Becky - they should be a good seller.

Anonymous said...

See it's always good to speak up!! to talk to people!!

Cute mugs Becky!! Great trip!

Vee said...

You serve a great big wonderful God who enjoys delighting you. That's what I think.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Those are great!

Bee said...

Is the chicken mug sold yet?!?

Becky K. said...

I have a couple........