Monday, October 4, 2010

A New Week

We begin this Monday with more rain.
It is not necessarily a bad thing 
since our Summer was 
unusually dry.

There are 
many things on our
agenda this week.
Chelsea and I are going to 
be very busy with 
school, child care, appointments,
baking and candle making.

Mikey will turn eighteen this week
so we will have a proper celebration
for him at some point.

A younger version....

At work this Summer...

I know his celebration won't be on his actual
birthday since Warren is scheduled 
to work late on that day.
But it will be sweet 
when it happens.

The wedding candles 
are due on Sunday.
I have to finish that order.
We went to Costco for boxes.
Transporting 150 punch cups
and keeping them flat is a
bit of a challenge.
I am so excited for this wedding!
The couple is fun.
I have enjoyed working with them.

Well, I'd better get to it.
Much to do.
Thanks for stopping in.


Gayla said...

I will be thinking of you as you scurry through the week! Have fun!

Chicken Wrangler said...

Yes, sounds like a busy week for sure!!

Vee said...

Every now and then I find myself wishing that you all could have a two-week vacation. You all are so busy! Happy Birthday week to Mike! (He really hasn't changed a bit except for height and facial hair. :D )

Tracy said...

Sound like the very good kind of busy, Becky! Happy B-Day to Mike-- Such a handsome young man! Glad the big wedding candles order is going so well. Busy weekend here. The weekend here was a busy one. Saturday was making a start on garden clean up for end of season. And Sunday was clearing out closets and changing from summer clothes to winter ones. It's getting chilly here! Happy Daysv:o) ((HUGS))

Susy said...

Came by to say hello and have a blessed week.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Mikey - 18? Wow!

The wedding candles are is going to add so much to their reception!

Tracy said...

Where do the years go???

Jillian, Inc said...

Stopping in after a long blog-reading vacation. I went through a divorce this summer and have been walking a hard path for the past few months. Back in the swing again, I think haha. Hope to have my blog back up and cranking again soon, too! Hope you have a great week.