Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Setting Goals....Working Hard

A couple of years ago it was Michael
who decided that getting into the 
Professional Gardener's Program at 
Longwood Gardens was the thing
that would get him the training and
experience he would need to reach
his goals in horticulture.
He began with small jobs for local employers

Since that moment he has worked 
consistently toward that goal.  A high school
internship and a part time job there.  
Classes that he had to pay for himself.
Now he  has earned a spot
in the class beginning 
in January.  
It was a combination of 
knowing without question what the goal
was and prayer for God's will. 

More recently, Chelsea has determined
that she is passionate about baking
and wants to own a Cafe' one day.
Right now we refer to it as 
The Carrot Top Cafe'.

She has put all kinds of time and 
energy into learning food science,
food photography and working
in the kitchen.

She began putting in applications
to various bakeries.
There was one interview
and then we heard nothing.
So Chelsea recontacted them....
just to touch base.

Then one day she heard
back from them....
and that same day from 
another bakery.
That was an interesting test
for her....but it helped her 
to decide that the original 
bakery was her first choice
and she very much wanted to work 
with them if possible.

It would seem that when you are
fifteen the government has issues with
you working toward a life goal.
Even if we call it education she 
cannot work at learning her 
chosen profession in the 
bakery for more than three hours 
per day....
which knocked her out of the running 
for the donut finishing job 
for which she applied.

God had a plan.
A better plan.
When the bakery called her back.
they offered her a position
working in the retail side of 
the bakery and creamery.

She will get to see and do more.
She will learn the fine details of coffee
making, building the sandwiches, and 
serving ice cream to the many customers.
Over time she will learn the behind the 
scenes knowledge of running a cafe.
Just last evening in her first training
she made a latte' for a customer,
a smoothie for herself and
packaged baked goods for sale.
This may seem average to 
someone else, 
but to Chelsea it is 
all very valuable information
for her future.

We are praying that this is a long term
employment that morphs into an 
internship of sorts.

To other teens this would just be
a bit of extra spending money....
for Chelsea it is the next step.
Working hard to the fulfillment
of her goals.
Chelsea plans to participate 
in the 
High School Graduation Ceremony 
coming May 
to celebrate the completion of the 
academics required by the State.
She will have exceeded the requirements
by a fair amount but will continue her 
studies in what we will consider 
real life education.
She plans to study more and learn more
in this "internship" style learning.

In the meantime the prayers 
and hard work continue.


detweilermom said...

Wow she is graduating three years early! Hannah won't graduate till 2013. She has recently been talking about getting a job also. Good Luck to Chelsea!

Phyllis said...

I am proud of both of them. It is neat to know what you would like to do and set a goal to reach that end . Yeah for Mike and Chelsea. Please let us know where Chelsea is working and what days and hours. We may have to make a little trip AND a purchase of two .

Vee said...

Wise choices by both Mike and Chelsea. There's more than one way to achieve a goal, but it helps to have one and to bathe it in prayer.

Mrs.Rabe said...

They will both do very well...

jAne said...

awesome ...
both your children.

i love thinking outside the box in how one should seek a future profession. there are so many more possibilities!

woohoooo to michael and chelsea!


Susy said...

I really appreciate that your children have a plan for their lives using their gifts and talents. So many kids their age Have no guidance and wander aimlessly. You're a good mom Becky. Blessings.

Joyce said...

Just lost my comment to you..in a nutshell it is nice to hear of kids with strong passions and goals. You raised them right!

Joyce said...

Just lost my comment to you..in a nutshell it is nice to hear of kids with strong passions and goals. You raised them right!

Tracy's corner said...

How exciting. Will she go to college to take business management? I love the cafe name you picked.

Vickie said...

Good for both of your kids! Sometimes LIFE teaches us more than books! It's every bit as important!

I'm glad they've set goals and are seeing some of those early steps towards meeting them become reality, Becky! Ya'll have taught them well. It's SO rewarding to us as parents when we see our kids heading off in the right direction, PRAYERFULLY, and working hard to achieve their dreams! I love when the Lord answers their prayers! It builds faith!

I'm seeing it in my own kids, too -it's amazing to see them becoming successful adults, spiritually and professionally!

Becky K. said...

Thanks everyone....

My philosophy is that you never, ever stop learning. Classifying it as "school" is a very narrow minded way of looking at it. I know some amazing people, like my blog friend Terri, who are very successful in their careers and continue to study and learn all of the time. I myself have as an adult continued to grow and develop, studying and taking tests for licensing as they were required for my goals.

It is very likely that the paths the kids choose now will take some twists and turns, but for now they are focused and working hard.

To Mindy....Chelsea was going to graduate one year early next year, but the work is going to be done and her friends are graduating this year so we see it as a formality. Something fun to allow her to do and a goal to work towards. She needs all of the encouragement she can get in these days of fighting anorexia. Holding her back just seemed unnatural given her hard work.
(We started her schooling early...the boys were doing it and she just joined in!)

Becky K.

Tracy said...

I LOVE this! The fact that they have both been able to (although it's just beginning for Chelsea) have an internship of sorts in their chosen fields will be much more valuable than just having a job to fill their pockets.

I hope Chelsea loves her new position!

Judy said...

Wow, Chelsea graduates next May! That is amazing.... I still think of her as the little neighbor girl that would come up to play with Kara and Jack and now she is graduating! I hope she has an awesome senior year. Her newest employment opportunity sounds incredible! So happy for her!

Elena said...

That is so awesome! Your kids are doing so good:)

Anonymous said...

You and Warren have done a good job raising your three children. All three appear to know what they want in life and go after it. Good luck to Chelsea, Michael and uh-oh I forgot your third child's name .. the writer! Forgive me! Anyway good luck to all three of them!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I loved reading this post and seeing how God is intervening in the careers of your children. I love the idea of internship. My girls are interested in this too.