Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Update....

A while back I told you about the 
Harrower family who suffered a tragic
house fire.  Mr. Harrower lost his life
after making sure that his family was 
safely out....

Linda is now out of the hospital.  
She is recovering at home.  I have 
not seen anything of her on the news yet,
but there are several fundraisers in process
for the family.  I am thrilled that the company
that my husband works for, 
Sight and Sound Theater,
is holding a large fundraiser for them today.  
They sold tickets to today's two showtimes 
of Joseph for a discounted price of $15.
Each and every penny goes to the Harrower
Family.  We were thrilled to see that more than
$38,300 was raised.  
This will help the family
so much!!

The tourism industry has really stepped up
on this one as Mr. Harrower worked for 
The Dutch Apple Dinner Theater and was 
well known and liked 
throughout Lancaster County.  

While stories like these are uplifting and will
surely be a blessing to the family, the fact remains
that a husband and father is gone from this world.
His children and wife are at a very sad place right continued prayers would be awesome!!!


Mrs.Rabe said...


Chicken Wrangler said...

It is so hard to imagine what the family is going through, but we know it must be horrific, so prayer is one thing we can all offer. I know a lady who lost her dear husband when a downed electrical wire touched his truck. He got out to see what was wrong, but when he got back in to the truck, not thinking, he touched metal and was killed instantly. What a toll on his wife and children! Somehow they have made it through, but still miss him dreadfully and have a fund raiser for charity each year in his memory. I will pray for this family you have mentioned.

detweilermom said...

Hannah and I are going to Joseph today. We were really glad to know that this was a fund raiser for that family. We are praying fo the family also.

Vee said...

Yes. May they all know the comfort of the Lord in this grieving season of life.

How wonderful of your husband's company to do such a generous thing. God bless them!

jAne said...

there but by the grace of God, go i. i'm praying.