Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Sigh of Relief

We were told yesterday that Chelsea's 
progress in dealing with her anorexia is
on track and that the specialists have 
decided that she will not need in-patient
treatment.  They have been on the edge
with her.  Probably more than we knew.

Fear of this possibility was the 
number one reason I resisted
getting professional help 
in the beginning.
If it had been the only
option to save her life....of course...
but I really did not want to go there!

We continue to covet
your prayers.
Chelsea is getting a tiny bit 
more freedom as it relates 
to her activity level.
The current
eating program
is very aggressive.
It is definitely a
struggle for her.

But our girl is so strong!
God has blessed her with a very unique
determination.  It is serving her well, 
since she wants to be better.....

God has blessed us 
with an amazing girl!!!
We love her soooooo much!!

We know where that strength comes from.
That strength to persevere....

The LORD gives strength to his people; 
the LORD blesses his people with peace.
Psalm 29:11

Blessed be the name of the LORD!

In HIM we LIVE and MOVE 
and have our Being!!!


jAne said...

praise GOD!!!

Tracy said...

I'm so thankful that she can stay home with you, where she is LOVED and can be nurtured and surrounded by her family.

Mrs.Rabe said...

So glad to hear it!

Persuaded said...

Oh Becky... I am so pleased for you all. Chelsea is a remarkable girl (takes after her mama, dontchaknow ♥ )

Joyce said...

Chelsea will continue to be in my prayers.

Marydon said...

G'morn sweet Becky ~
Congrats to Chelsea for every step she is achieving. She is kept in our prayers ... as are you, my friend.

Have a beautiful weekend ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Martie said...

This post made my day! So glad to hear things are moving forward. I will continue to pray.

Debby said...

Good news. Your daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers. Such a tough illness. Sounds like things are going the right direction.

Ellen said...

Praise the Lord

Jean Tuthill said...

I hope Chelsea continues to improve every day. My prayers are going up for her. Have a great weekend.

judy said...

That is truly wonderful news! Chelsea is such a sweet, gentle soul.... I am so glad she can continue healing right at home with her family. We will continue to pray for her and ask God to fill her with His words of truth!

We love you, Chelsea!

tea time and roses said...

Chelsea certainly is beautiful, such a gentle and sweet smile. You and your family enjoy a lovely weekend dear Becky.



Elena said...

That is such wonderful news. Such a lovely picture of her:)

Brittany Ann said...

Praise God! So happy for you and your sweet girl!

JD said...

Oh, Becky, this is great news...Will continue to pray for both of you...Having met both of you, I know what two special people you are...

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I just read this Becky, and it's wonderful news. I'm praising God for the way He's working here and I will continue to pray. I applaud both you and Chelsea for your openness too.

Vee said...

So glad that Chelsea can remain at home working her way through this process to being well. That's a good thing for the entire family!