Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bandit and Samson

Last week Bandit met my neighbor, Ellen's kitten,
Samson. We didn't have time to take pictures or
let them play very long so we decided to set up a
play date.
Last night was a perfect evening to be outside.
The neighbor family came down and before long
one of the boys was sent to get Samson.

Bandit was thrilled.
Samson was curious.

They had a wonderful time.

Isn't he just toooo cute???



Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of Bandit and Samson. There is a stray cat, a calico, that had kittens recently. The family has been taking up residence at various places on my street. I saw the cat family at our neighbor's shed yesterday. I'm trying to get some good pictures. I've seen three kittens -- two orange and white ones and a gray one.

Andrea said...


Mrs.Rabe said...

Cute Kitty!

LV said...

That is an adorable post. Loved the way the puppy and kitty react to each other.

Vee said...

A play date? You two furbaby mamas are too cute!

tea time and roses said...

Indeed they are the sweetest Becky! Continue to enjoy a lovely summer.:o)



LDH said...

How very sweet to see these two enjoy each other. I am afraid of what my schnauzer would do ~ he acts pretty tough when folks pass by the house walking their dogs. Guess he's pretty territorial and protective.

I love the photo's you have posted!

Kindly, ldh

JD said...

Cute pictures...thank you for sharing...

Kelly said...

Cute kitten. Looks like Bandit has a new friend for life.

Debbie Pearson said...

Oh they are too adorable!!! Makes me want to jump in and play with them too :)