Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Perfect Hosts

It was always in the summertime.  
The honeysuckle was in full bloom.
I know this because the 
memory is 
firmly imprinted in my mind.

They weren't flashy people, at all.
His name was Bert.
She was Marguerite.
We called her Aunt Marg.

In reality Aunt Marg and Uncle Bert
were my Dad's Aunt and Uncle.

Both my brother and I would get so 
excited at the prospect of visiting these
dear people in the quiet and depressed
town of Franklin, PA...
formerly a bustling
part of the oil boom 
in the Northwest part of the State.

You may wonder what made these visits so 
very special.  Especially when one realizes that
this retired couple most likely lived on their 
social security and had very little.
It wasn't about money or what it could buy,

I remember the gentle squeak of the porch
swing with the fragrant honeysuckle 
in bloom right behind it.

There were the ice pops handed out 
as if they were 
the richest treat ever!

Mostly, I remember the smiles of contentment
worn by these sweet elderly people.
They were open.
They took time.
It was about having all of the time in the 
world, really.
One never felt that they had to get on to
the next thing and that you 
were in the way...
When you were their guest 
it was their joy to talk, 
or sometimes just sit in 
stillness and watch the gentle
activities of a neighborhood.

I imagine now that Aunt Marg
and Uncle Bert are a major
factor in the fact
that I so treasure our elderly friends.
They were interesting, full of great stories
and interesting projects.
They were wise...but not perfect.
And that was o.k.
Who is?

While the adults would catch up on
the happenings of those they mutually 
knew.  Allan and I would listen and learn.
Learn about people.
Learn about life.

One day many years ago Uncle Bert
quietly passed away in his favorite chair.
I remember thinking that this was the 
way to go.  
Quickly and in your favorite
comfy chair
although I did feel badly that this couple
was no more....they went together so well.

Years later Aunt Marg also went to be with 
Jesus.  We drove hours to be at her funeral.

Not because she was flashy, famous 
or anyone that you would notice on the 
street.  That wasn't Aunt Marg.

But because in those Summer Days
that can probably be counted on one 
hand....this couple blessed Allan and I
with their hospitality and friendship.

What a gift!


Persuaded said...

What a treasure they must have been♥

Thanks for sharing their memory with us!

Terri and Bob said...

That sounds just like my Aunt Marge and Uncle Man. Yep, Uncle Man. He got the nickname Man when he was born. His sister said, Why, momma, he looks just like a little old man. And it stuck!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Dear Becky,

Oh my what a beautiful post. As I read your words I immediately thought of my grandparents. Simply folk, simple living but I tell you I so looked forward to visiting and sharing time with them each summer.

Such lovely memories left by Aunt Marg and Uncle Bert, lovely indeed. A lovely post my friend. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Hope your neck is feeling a lot better.:o) Enjoy a beautiful day.



Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to have such memories that stay with us over the years. By the way, I drive through Franklin frequently. It is only 1 1/2 hours from where I live.

Gayla said...

What a beautiful tribute. Hugs.

LV said...

I really enjoyed post of memories today. I have some of the fondest of may grandparents and their customs. They were the best.

Vee said...

That line of yours about their taking time and relishing their company...a rare and rarer thing. True hospitality is a treasure.

Liane said...

How sweet...I think most have the pleasure of knowing such wonderful folks if we have a mind to take a look around - whether they're part of our family or if the Lord placed them somewhere in our path...
Thank you so much for sharing!