Friday, June 11, 2010

It Was Like Summer

One of the things about having
dogs is that they require regular
visits to their potty spots.

This usually involves
time out of doors ....
unless you have paper trained
your pooch.

So...many nights I open the front
door and give Bandit and Chloe a
quick admonition to 
"Get it done and come right back!". 

Sometimes they listen. 

Often I end up
raising my voice. 
I'm sure the
neighbors love that.

But, last evening 
I joined them
outside. wonder they
haven't wanted to come back the
last couple of evenings.

The fireflies are out now.
Sparkling in the night with their
happy little glow.
There was a slight breeze and a
navy blue sky.
One planet was brightly reflecting
the light of the sun.
The air smelled so fresh.
Oh, the pleasantness these dogs
enjoy each evening. 

They know a good thing
when they see it!

Have you noticed the beauty
of a summer's evening lately?

With all that has been happening
here over the past weeks
this seemed like a gift.

Quiet.  Peace. Calm.
Much needed.

Today my husband will be traveling
from morning to night to return to
us. I would love your prayers for
his safety. Flights these days can
be just a bit stressful.

Grandma had a decent day yesterday
although she is still in ICU.
Each moment she is alert and aware
is a gift. But the pain and
discomfort she is experiencing 
troubles us greatly. 
I struggle to know how
much to say...but suffice it to say
that she remains very ill.
We do appreciate
your continued prayers.

My neck continues to literally
"be a pain". Maybe when Warren
is safely home and things settle down....

So...last evening's visit out of
doors was truly needed. Makes one
almost glad for the dogs' need to
step out each night. Maybe I will
have to join them more frequently.

Or maybe Warren will read this and
want to experience the beauty himself!
Think Tom Sawyer's Fence Project.

Best of all...maybe we can take the
dogs out together.
Evenings like this are
definitely worthy of sharing.
Have a very blessed day.


Tracy said...

"Quiet. Peace. Calm. Much needed..."
Oh, I can relate to those too, Becky! And there is something special about summer evenings when that peace seem very near, doesn't it? More prayers for Grandma... and for your neck! :o) Happy Weekend to you all... Oh, I'm celebrating my blogiversary this weekend with a little gift giveaway--stop by if you can. ((HUGS))

Mrs.Rabe said...

Last evening we were outside, watching the girls was beautiful.

Venus was shining her own light, it still was not too bright since it was dusk...

Mike came by and ate leftovers with us for dinner on the deck - it was a perfect evening outside...

Glad Warren is on his way home.

See you tonight! Maybe we'll hang out on the deck after Bible Study!

Elena said...

Wow, how cool to have fireflies. They are not west of the Rockies. The only time I have ever seen fire flies was when I was 16 and we were visiting some friends in Minnisota. I pray Warren returns safely and your grandma is releived of her discomfor and pain. Take care, Elena

Anonymous said...

I've been sitting on our front porch or pavilion in our back yard the past couple nights. The evenings have been delightful, so I know of what you speak.

I'm sorry that your neck is still bothering you and that your grandmother is still experiencing pain and discomfort. How do I say this .. just say it I guess. When you come to Franklin, be sure and let me know. Perhaps we will find time to meet each other. It would be nice to meet you, but I hope the meeting won't be real soon. I know you understand my meaning. Prayers for you and your family.

daisy said...

We've had a few of those evenings lately here, too. You just walk outside, and have the "aaahhhh" moment, and breathe the fresh air...find someplace to sit and take it all in. I think God must smile when we do that because he sees us enjoying the beautiful Creation that he crafted. :)