Monday, June 21, 2010

A Conversation...In Pictures

Hey Cat!  You are not supposed to be on the road.
I'm the good pet.  See?  I am not on the road!

Dog, Dog, Dog.  You are such a baby.
Whining because you can't think for yourself.
Always trying to please the humans!

Oooh, those are fighting words!
Now get over here in the grass so 
I can set you straight!

There now, that cat will think twice before he
goes on the road again....
now where was that awesome
potty spot? to enjoy my victory!
I can take that dog any day of the week!

Note from the Mommy human...
These two carry on like this on a daily basis.
They are such great friends.
Nobody gets hurt.
It is either  funny or painful to watch
depending on your mood on a 
given day.

Thanks for stopping by.
Catch you later!


Andrea said...

Precious post. THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Your cat and dog are cute; they look like they are long-time friends.

daisy said...

Aw, I love it. Our two cats fight like that...just for fun. Great pictures! ♥


Vee said...

It looked pretty rough there for a minute, but they seem to get along better than two cats do, if the fur flying around here is any indication.

Melissa G. said...

These two are cute!

tea time and roses said...

Such a sweet post Becky.:o) The two of them are absolutely sweet together. Enjoy a lovely week my friend.



Brittany Ann said...

I think I need a cat for our dog! This is too funny!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Those two must be a hoot to watch if they act like that all day!


Elena said...

That is so cute! We had a toy poodle and an white long haired cat that use to play like that too. Seeing the pictures brought back many fun memories for me.