Friday, June 4, 2010

Chicken News....The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...Updated!!!!

Taken when the broody hens were just chicks!

We now have three hens that are broody,
sitting on eggs. Lots of eggs.

They have been getting broody one at a
time so the others just kept laying and
laying eggs.

For a while we could tell which were new
eggs and retrieved them for eating.
Then I opened an egg "in process"...
not so fun. So we stopped retrieving
them. Now there are way too many eggs
up there and three hens trying desperately
to sit on them.

One night I went up and fed them later than
usual and they were very hungry. Those hens
hopped up and ate and then carefully sat once
again using their heads and beaks to pull each
and every egg back under their outspread wings.
Loved that.
Our Creator has built in such a
marvelous knowledge into these critters.

Our neighbors have five quail eggs they would
like us to let our hens hatch out.
We have been trying to figure out how to do
this...It looks like we now have an answer.

Sadly, I came home yesterday to find one of
the older chickens dead in her box. 

 The hen that died yesterday

It is our working theory that a snake got
in and killed her.
I admit being glad that it wasn't the one
I call Mabel. 


She is my favorite and the
last of the older batch.
Soon her day will come because chickens just
don't have long lifespans, but thankfully
it wasn't yesterday.

Anyway, I think with this event happening 
we will move her over with the non-broody hen
and rooster and move the nursery over
to this side of the chicken coop.

This might be a bit risky as they have
lived side by side but not together up 
until now but it is a risk we need to take.

SO... now you know more about 
our chickens than you probably 
ever wanted to know.
But, they are a part of our daily routine and 
we love having them here.

UPDATE: I just found our first new peep!!!
It looks really good.  There are four
very protective Momma's taking care of it!
And that doesn't count me.

Now, I must get moving.
Back to the chiropractor.
There is progress but my neck still has a very 
bad spot in it.  
Thankfully I can turn my head now. 
It is just a matter of time and all will be well.
Thanks so much for all of the kind words.

And...Chelsea has posted her Cheesecake 
recipe on her blog.
She has been commissioned to make one for 
our neighbor Ellen.
She is so very excited!

And speaking of Chelsea...
she met a very nice lady who owns a 
candy making shop.
Today Chelsea will be turning in an 
application for work.
We understand that the staff is in place for  the
Summer....but we can always hope
for the Fall
or next Summer.

Update Number Two:
My Grandma is in ICU on a ventilator.
Please pray that the Lord's Will is done!!!!

Have a blessed day!


Karen said...

I had completely forgotten that you have chickens!

Clarence incubated 50 eggs a few weeks ago and only got 8 chicks. I haven't seen them, though they lived in the basement for several days. I just don't share his love for chickens. lol

Julianne had one of those "in process" eggs when she was baking something a year or so ago. Had it been me, I probably would be unable to break open a fresh egg ever again. I'm queasy like that.

I'm so glad you're seeing progress on your neck. I pray it continues to improve rapidly.

Tracy said...

The ups & downs have having animals... never easy, but often fun too. So sorry about the sad moments though, not much fun. Are you eating any of the eggs?! ;o) Good luck to Chelsea with her work search--a candy shop sound like a great summer job! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

Tracy said...

I'm so sorry about your chicken. Seems like you might be getting a new flock, though! For some reason, I didn't realize that you had chickens at all.

Can't wait to check out Chelsea's cheesecake recipe!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are going to have quite a few chicks. Sorry to hear one of the hens died.

Elena said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma. I will pray for her. How fun to have little chicks and fresh eggs. We had Rhode Island Red chickens when I was in high school and my mom just loved watching them and telling little stories about them.

jAne said...

~*(~*( gentle embrace )*~)*~

prayer heavenward for your dear grandmother, Becky.

Gayla said...

I just loved it when we had chickens! I think Mabel is so cute! I ope your neck is better. And I will pray for your Gramma! They are so dear!

Anonymous said...

No chickens here! Just squirrels, racoons and o'possums!

Great opportunity for Chelsea! Let us know!!

Brittany Ann said...

Praying for your grandmother!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Go Chelsea!

Sorry about your Grandma. I know this will be a hard thing.

Tracy's corner said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Glad tohear your neck has improved a little bit.

Vee said...

Life and death in the chicken coop, eh? Oh my! Chickens pass over? They don't live long? Oh dear. That never entered my thoughts when I briefly considered raising chickens myself. The chickies will be so cute and cunning and you'll all be so proud.

Yay for Chelsea and I'll pray that she lands a fun job for the summer. That one sounds really fun!

Hope that the neck heals asap with good, tender care. Don't let the stress go to your neck or anywhere else!