Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keeping the Animal Theme Going....

Last Friday, shortly before we left town
I checked the chicken coop and found a
freshly hatched chick abandoned.

My heart sank because we wouldn't be
there to care for it and it would surely
die. However, in an attempt to give it
every chance we set it up in a tub with
a light and did something I never, in a
million years thought we would do.

We gave it to Warren's Mom.

She did offer to take care of it
but I am pretty sure she was thinking
in our garage. 
We marched that
sweet little chick right into her office
and plopped it down. Turned the heat
lamp on it and gave her instructions.

Bless her heart Georgia mothered that
chick until we got back. 
She even called at one point while 
we were gone to say that the 
bulb seemed to be too hot  
and could she put one with 
less wattage in?
She cared for this precious little
chickie.  Never thought she'd be caring
for chickens when she moved in next door!

It is beautiful.
The prettiest one there is, in my opinion.

Not that it hasn't been trouble...
We put it under a Momma one evening when
they were all settled in for the night.
She accepted it and has been good to it.
But, the other hen, who has chicks of her
own did not. She was getting mean.
So I crawled in the coop, captured her and
took her to the other side.
Back to the rooster for the mean hen! 
That ought to
fix her attitude.

Well, wouldn't you know that sweet little
chick that Georgia took such amazing care
of squeezed itself right through the chicken
wire to the same side as that indignant
hen. Now, I had a skirt on and the access
to that side is a door that is about four
feet off the ground. I tried to get in but
couldn't do it fast do you
think crawled in that coop? You guessed it!
Georgia to the rescue! 
She scooped up that
chick and we gave it a stern talking to.

We brought it back to "the good side".
So far it is staying there.

This is getting a bit over the top.

The drama of the chickens!

Happy Outdoor Wednesday.
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this event each week.


Ann said...

My mum had her hens hatch their own chicks. Now we know these were organic chicken.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Now you are a chicken "momma" too!

At least you'll never have an empty nest!

Karen said...

They are cute-and I don't even like chickens!

Clarence would love to see your chickens-I'll have to remember to show him your pics.

It is so great to have your moms right there. What a perfect solution it was that Georgia was able to take care of it while you were gone. Has she named "her" chick yet? ;-)

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Love Bears All Things said...

Loved this post! What adorable chickens and the wee one is so cute...I am going to read more of your blog.
Mama Bear

Pam said...

Cute chickens. This is my first visit to your site, so I'll be checking out your other posts. Looks interesting!

Vee said...

Ha! I'd like to have been a fly on the coop to see all that. Georgia is taking her mama role very seriously. Sweet little chicks!

Anonymous said...

I am glad this cute little chick didn't get involved in the other two's conversation!!! That would have been bad for the chick!

The Paint Splash said...

What a fun post! Not over the top at all! That is one sweet chick Please come by and visit my post about our farm experience this past week when you can! Debbie

LV said...

You and your chickens are a hoot. Such entertaining with life 'ssimple pleasures.

Sherry said...

Farm animals can be very entertaining. How cute your chicks are.

Anonymous said...

That is the prettiest chick I've ever seen! I like the coloring on its head.

tea time and roses said...

I wish I could have held these little sweeties. How cute they are.:o)



Ellen said...

Love it

Elena said...

That is so funny! I had a good laugh at this post because it sounds so much like what I would do.

Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

Oh my goodness, I have always wanted to raise chicks but am too busy working at my job right now, but look forward to the day I can. Alsow I love the sweetness of animals!
Thank you and I am now FOLLOWING you if you like to follow me.