Monday, June 14, 2010

Just When You Think You Have a Plan....

Mom and I had said our goodbyes
to Grandma last evening.
It was hard as we were pretty sure
that the next time we would see her
would be in Heaven.

However, in the morning Mom came
and said that she thought we should
just "stop by" the hospital one more
time and check in on Grandma on our
way back home.

This was so polar opposite to 
the plan that was laid out for 
the day but just fine with me.

As we didn't know how to get to the
hospital my Aunt led the way in her
car. She fully intended to get us
to the hospital and then go on to work.

To our surprise she pulled into the
space beside us. She proceeded to
get out of the car. I asked if she
was going in after all and she replied
just for a second.... is now 9:00pm and we have just
returned back to my Aunt and Uncle's home.
Grandma had a wretched day.
Bless her heart.

When we arrived we could see from the hallway
that she was worse. They had the BiPap forcing
air into her lungs. This was not good news.

Over the course of the morning it was determined
by all...including Grandma...that she should be
moved to the Palliative Care Unit where she will
allow God to take her in His time.

No more heroics.
No more pain.

As we left her tonight she was finally resting
comfortably. We await the phone call that tells
us to come. It may come overnight or in the days
to come. Mom and I will go back to the hospital
in the morning and make new plans then.

Suffice it to say,
when God moves on your heart
it is so very good to obey.

It was very difficult to see Grandma
suffering...but it is so wonderful to
know that she knew we were there and
communicated her wishes so very clearly.

What a gift!

I know many readers have been in this
very place before. I have been here...
twice, once with each of our Dads. 
It is absolutely not fun
but it is an exercise in Faith and Trust.

I'll be back after my next "work-out"
in the faith department.

Thanks to all of you for your amazing
comments today. What a blessing you are
to me...............Oh! and by the way...
when the Chaplain came to see Grandma
he prayed with us.
He thanked the Lord for how our singing
has ministered to the doctors and nurses
that have heard it.
That was pretty something!
He must have heard about that
through the grapevine!


Gayla said...

I am so sad for you all. I know the goodbyes are so sad. Heaven will be the best time---to see everyone together like when we were little.

Marydon said...

Grandmother is blessed to be going to a better place, sweet friend. I am just so sorry that she is suffering so.

How did your get together go?

Hugs & prayers, Marydon

LV said...

God has a plan for all of us. It is sometimes very hard, but we have to let his will be done. I am sorry for all the suffering and pain you and family are having now. Blessings to all of you. This is not a good time, but I do have award for you today on my blog.

Persuaded said...

Becky... how very very difficult. You know I have never had to go through the death/dying process of anyone near to me. My grandparents died when I was very young and lived hours away. Of course I grieved their passing and I miss them still to this day, but the process you are going through is different from any I have lived through. I suspect it won't be too many more years though until I have to walk alongside my parents as they go down this path. How do people live without the Lord, I wonder? I am so thankful He is there to sustain and guide you all♥

And I wanted to especially thank you for your recent comment regarding Bible schools... I was especially touched/amused that you would "allow" Amelia to attend your church;-) We'll be checking out Jerusalem online later today!☺

Persuaded said...

Ooooops,I meant Lancaster! I think I mistakenly typed Jerusalem... eek, what was I thinking:-P

Vickie said...

Oh Becky - I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I DO understand. My Nanny kept me when I was young and my mama had to work. We were very close and stayed close all through the years. When it came her time to go on to be with the Lord, I was the one that had the great fortune to sit with her when she passed. My mom and dad were living out of state and could not get there in time. I always thought it was so appropriate that it was me that got to be with her. Even tho she couldn't talk, I hope she knew I was there - or at least knew that someone who loved her was there. I sang some of her favorite hymns to her and prayed over her, and she slipped quietly into the arms of Jesus.

It's a relief and a blessing to let them go when you know that they go to be with the Lord. I'm praying for you all for peace and comfort and memories overflowing that you had with your sweet Grandma Esther. Big hugs to you, Becky. Vickie

Tracy's corner said...

I feel so sad for your family. Losing loved ones is so hard. Hang in there sweetie! I work in nursing and we do watch how families handle death. I've seen beauty and the ugly sides. Your family is showing the medical staff Christ in the midst of your trail. You never know what seeds are being planted for the kingdom of God. Praying for you!

Joyce said...

Keeping you in my thoughts today and praying your GM hears the angels singing to her to come on home to Gods house so she can be pain free.

Brittany Ann said...

You and your family's faith, including Grandma's, through all this is so admirable! Praying for everyone!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying dear friend.

We are at the opposite ends of life - we have welcomed one who just was born and you are saying goodbye to a dear life.

Praise the Lord for His care for us in the coming and going of our lives.

Vee said...

Yes, it's always best to listen to the Holy Spirit. I'm so glad that you and your mother did. As you say, it is a great blessing to know your grandmother's wishes. She's a devout woman of faith and is unafraid. How exciting to truly know that she is going to be well and whole very soon.

Carol said...

It is so touching that you were singing when your Grandma was welcomed into heaven. What wonderful assurance that there is 'Victory In Jesus'!

Blessings & Hugs,

Melissa G. said...

See!? I knew your singing was blessing others in addition to your grandma! =)