Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tales of Neck Pain, Near Misses and Lovely People

Saturday morning we were in the car
riding up a main highway when out of the
blue my neck began to hurt.
Really hurt.

I figured it would straighten itself out
but by Monday I could barely move it.
I was grabbing my chin to turn my head.
The Corn Cuddler that Karen gave me got
lots of use. Alternating with ice and heat
until the Memorial Day Holiday was past and
I could get in to see someone.

Then the debate came...Traditional Medicine
or Chiropractor. I decided to try the Chiropractor
first since they had helped me before Christmas.

Yesterday I saw Dr. Jessica.
She really did help...It is going to take
several trips, though, 
because it is really bad. 
Stress, I guess.

When it started on Saturday Warren and I
were talking about whether I should apply
for this job or that job.
Hmmm...maybe it is not time for that quite
yet. The idea of leaving my teen girl on
her own for many hours just doesn't sit
right. She is such a great girl and I really
want her to continue to have our support and
accountability to stay that way.

So...I believe I will continue to work at home
and trust God to meet our needs.
He has always been faithful.
Now, if you would just pray with me that I
can totally depend on Him.

So, anyway, back to the pain in the neck...
Mom had driven me to the Doctor since my
neck was on the fritz and driving did not
seem like a great idea. 
On our way home an
anxious driver was breathing down our bumper.
Mom was feeling the pressure and spent a lot
of time looking in her rearview mirror when
out of the blue we came up over the top of a
hill to a line of stopped traffic. She braked...
hard! We stopped in time to miss the car in front
of us. I watched in the side mirror as Mr. Anxious
came screeching to a stop just inches from our back
bumper. Wow! We were scared. 
A reminder that things can happen...
and quickly.

Later that evening we all piled in the car to go
out to Plain and Fancy, a most delightful restaurant
that we visit once per year with a great coupon,
and passed that spot on the road. That guy's skidmarks
are very long. 
Maybe he will be more aware next time.
Rude Driver.

Now to the new friends part of this long post.
At Plain and Fancy you sit at a table with
perfect strangers. We enjoy this because most of
the time you are set with tourists who are experiencing
our area for the first time. Last night it was a
lovely family from Houston, Texas. Just so happens
that they homeschool also. We hit it off right away
and are so thankful for the opportunity to get to
know them, even if it was just for dinner.

We were so caught up in conversation even as we left
that I totally forgot the cell phone.
It was only when we got home that it occurred to me
to look for it. Alas, it was nowhere to be found.
So I called it.
A woman answered and said she had found it at
Plain and Fancy.
She wondered if we were close.
I told her where we live and it turns out
she is practically a neighbor.
We agreed to meet at the Turkey Hill in
Quarryville at 10pm.
Scared me just a bit.
Looking for a total stranger at night at
a local hangout. But the very lovely lady
showed up, waved the phone at me and I felt
safe to get out of the car. Turns out she is
a manager at Plain and Fancy and this isn't the
first time she has helped to return a phone to
a patron. Well, I offered her cash and candles
for her trouble...she would only take the candles.

So, we experienced both the good and the bad
in people out there yesterday.
Contrasting a rude driver
and a friendly restaurant employee
who goes out of her way after a long shift.

I still believe there are more beautiful,
friendly and caring people although it would
be easy to forget that some days as the negative
grabs your attention.

Have you met any great strangers lately?
Want to share?


Bee said...

Touching lives no matter where you go. :)
You are amazing...

LV said...

Becky, sounds like you got more than one pain in the neck that day. Nothing irritates me more than someone riding on my bumper. Trust your neck improves soon.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Wow, Becky, I think that maybe you are feeling a little too much stress. The phone incident has happened to us both ways. We once found a phone in a parking lot, called and returned it and were given a gift cert. to a local restaurant as the owner actually owned the restaurant as well as the phone. I also once had a phone call from a girl asking if this was Mom...I said excuse me? She found my daughters phone on a school bus. Daughter had been on a class trip the day before, and the young lady who found the phone was on her way to a football game...she was the head cheerleader. It amazes me that we have developed a way to humanize the new if only the drivers would get with the program.
♥, Susan

Marydon Ford said...

IF you all ever get to meet Becky you will find one beautiful, sweet woman that radiates warmth ...

I just TAP TAP TAP my brakes when they get on my rear to closely & when I finally get their attention I shake my forefinger at them, yes the forefinger only ... that usually gets them to stay back ... a different world than what I grew up in.

Hope your neck gets to feeling better quickly ... stress sure has its hold when it wants to. Everything will come together when it should Becky, & not one day sooner.

Have a great week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Karen said...

I'm so sorry to hear your neck is giving you so much pain again. I'll be praying that you get relief, soon!

That was so nice of the manager to offer to meet you and return the phone! I would have been thankful just to know it was found and waiting for me-she went above and beyond for sure.

You probably meet nice strangers because you are so nice yourself. I think you have a gift for being friendly and welcoming, which people cannot help but respond to positively.

Hope you feel better today!

Vee said...

No. But it takes a special person to meet a special stranger. You're it! Sorry to read about a neck giving you grief. As you may remember, there's one in this house who struggles with it. May Dr. Jessica get you back on track and don't forget to stretch it a bit when in a warm shower. Don't overdo!

Sometimes God allows us to see the rescue He provided, but how many times do we never know what might have been? I think about that from time to time.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and take care of that neck. (Yes, I will agree with you in prayer that all your needs shall be met. We serve a God who is more than able. And He is willing, too.)

Sally said...

Angels unaware, Becky... yes, I believe that more people are good than bad. I'm glad one of the good ones found your phone. I sure hope your neck eases.

Brittany Ann said...

I always feel so grateful when meeting kind strangers.

I'm sorry about your neck pain! Lifting that and your strong, wise and important decision to stay at home with your baby up in prayer!

Gayla said...

I believe what Anne Frank said, "In spite of everything. People are really good at heart." I just don't always remember that I believe it. I hope your neck is better and better.

Marydon Ford said...

Love your embarrassing moment, Becky ... I can JUST picture that scene ... what a chuckle!

Have a beautiful day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Kelly said...

Oh, Becky, I hope your neck gets better.

What a scare! I have seen too many crazy drivers the past few days. They just don't watch out for others!

What a lovely lady to go out of her way to return your phone to you.

Oh, and as for being able to trust God for your provision, just look at Duane and I. We have survived for five months while he's been unemployed and have not struggled financially because the Lord amply provided. There's no need to worry, just trust in the Lord for He is faithful!