Sunday, June 13, 2010

And Then There Were Two

I grew up with a story telling mother.
No, she wasn't telling tales.
Mom loves to work with children
and teach them about Jesus.
We would teach Bible Clubs in
our neighborhood and others.

From Korean Church
to leading a club in the park
we went to the children and told
them that Jesus was real and that
He loved them.

The impact of seeing those eager
faces...some with blond hair and
blue eyes, some with almond skin
and big brown eyes, and still more
with brown skin and curly black hair.

I will never forget these children.
They are grown now
and most likely living all over the world.

The countries I remember seeing
represented over the years were
 America, Korea, China,
Egypt, Japan, Nigeria and Libya.

What a privilege this was.

One of the stories that Mom would
tell was of a mother hen. This hen
gave her life for her chicks when
a fire swept through the chicken
house. I remember the emotion that
was palpable in the room as Mom
would describe the farmer finding
the dead hen. But the joy that would
burst through the despair as the
farmer picks up the hen to bury her
and out run her chicks...very much alive!

Showing the children the comparison
of the Love of God. That Jesus had
given His life for us....just as that
hen had given hers for her babies.

I was reminded of this story yesterday
as I watched our Momma hen with her
growing chick. 
Then she stood up.
Out of her wings fell 
a second fluffy little one. 
We were so very happy.

We watched with concern as these
chickens were out in the open section
of the coop.
There was a storm on the way. 
We weren't sure if she would be
able to get her babies into the shelter
of the coop. Warren hurriedly made a
ramp for the benefit of the tiny chicks.
They are able to jump out the coop door
but we weren't sure about how easily they
would be able to return.

We had to put our trust in the hen.
There was work to be done.
We had to run to the Church.
It was raining when we returned.
Warren just had to check 
on the hen 
her babies.
(Kind of like the Farmer in Mom's Story.)
He found them all safely inside the coop. 
That Momma had done it.
She protected her little brood.

When one questions the love of Jesus
they just need to look around. 
He has given us example 
after example of the
depth of His love. 
In the wonders of 
His creation. 
By His provision. 

Our God is truly an Awesome God!

I'm not sure when I will post again.
Mom and I are going to 
Virginia to see Grandma,
who has been moved out of ICU.
I never would have imagined it either.
She is still very fragile but we are
excited to see her.

Until next time...
Remember the lesson of the
Mother Hen. She was willing
to die that her chicks would live.
Jesus died for you...
and for Me.



~~Deby said...

What a precious story....kinda makes me feel a tad guilty for my post that is ready to go tomorrow about a mother duck...a true story recently in my yard...I like your parable much better..

Vee said...

Wonderful story and wonderful parallels all the way around. Your grandmother is out of ICU? Isn't God good?!

Kelly said...

What a great story! Thank you for sharing such a precious story.