Friday, June 25, 2010

My Chelsea.....

Credit for this photo goes to our dear friend Lindsay who
blogs at Girl in Nature

I love my girl!
She is so creative and smart.

This summer started off hard
for her because she is used to
having every moment filled and
when school was finished she was
left with a lot of free time.

So...she is finding lots to do.

For example this week she picked
blueberries with the Grandmas.
I'm going along to pick more
 this morning.
I'll be the one with the camera!

Not only did she pick these blueberries but then
she made a marvelous blueberry banana bread.
Yum....moist and sweet.
The blueberries have just enough tartness to 
make your mouth happy.

It has been a couple of years
since I have picked blueberries but I love the
quiet of the hillside with nothing
but blueberry bushes and chirpy birds.
The storm yesterday afternoon has 
made the weather more bearable.
Lower humidity and a lot cooler.
Much better for blueberry picking!

So a couple more quarts of blueberries 
are in our future.

Yesterday my dear husband celebrated a birthday.
Now, in his dreams birthdays would go by with
little fuss... but that is not going to happen.

Miss Chelsea saw it as a wonderful opportunity 
to make a cake.  
We know that you can't go wrong with chocolate
and peanut butter!

The hard part was that I had purchased a generic brand of
peanut butter which tasted just fine.  
However, when Chelsea
used it to make her icing it got all shiny.
Not at all what she had in mind.
Now, for a girl who has gotten used to 
turning out beautiful baked goods every time
this was just too much.
I mean, why do these things happen when it is 
a project that is so important?

But, I told her that this is to be expected and 
that we would just find a way to make it work.
I went out on errands and returned with a name
brand peanut butter.  Chelsea still didn't trust the 
recipe for icing she had been using so she made her 
own.  It turned out so very well.

This Momma is so proud that my girl, 
who wanted to give up, didn't.
The end result was both beautiful 
and extremely tasty!!!!

So....Warren is another year older
and we have three peanut butter pies in the 
freezer...a product of the icing gone wrong.
Made while I was out running errands.

Life is good
once again.

I hope when life gives you shiny peanut butter,
you make amazing pies!


Mrs.Rabe said...

That cake looks amazing!

I will have to think about making Tim a cake like that - he loves chocolate and peanut butter!

Tracy said...

Chelsea's baking is FABULOUS! LOVE her choc-peanut butter cake--very professional! Glad the peanut butter worked out. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Tracy said...

Yummy! I have had the same problem with things not turning out when they are really important. Good for Chelsea for not giving up. That cakes looks delicious!

Tracy said...

OH! And your header is fabulous!

Cheeseboy said...

Now THAT looks delicious! It really does.

Hey, I LOVE Lancaster County and am very jealous that you live there.

Elena said...

Wow that cake looks fantastic! It makes my mouth water just looking at it. Your daughter is very talented. Happy Birthday to your husband!

Kelly said...

Oh, I can't believe I missed Warren's birthday:( Tell him we hope he had a wonderful birthday.
I'll bring him a card on Sunday, if I put it in the mail tomorrow, he probably wouldn't get it until Monday anyway.

Chelsea's cake looks fabulous!

Vee said...

If Chelsea has learned all this so young, I'm completely impressed. Fortunately for me, I had a collie who ate all my mistakes, though I do remember burying fudge in the woods that even he refused. Ha!

Happy Birthday to Warren!

Have fun blueberrying...

LV said...

I am not too fond of blueberries, but I do believe I would enjoy your fixings. You "girl" is a lovely person even when picking berries.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Warren!

The cake looks scrumptious! I heard about it from Julianne-I think you were Chelsea's hero for getting her more PB, if I recall. Kudos to Chelsea-I don't think I ever made a layer cake until I was in my 30's-and she made THREE layers at that!

Chelsea also described the cake she's having for her birthday. I've never heard of strawberry ganache before-only chocolate. Sounds very interesting-I tried to talk Julianne into telling Chelsea to hack off a big hunk and send it to us to try. I don't know if she told her or not...

Tell Chelsea "Great job!" for me, please.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You are so right, Chelsea and my daughter Micaela have a lot in common. This is a beautiful cake. I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday.