Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Gift of Great Weather

We are so busy getting things done
before Chelsea's big party on Sunday.

Last week it was so hot and humid
that I moved like a slug.
Yesterday and today are like precious
gifts to me. It is in the 70's and
very low humidity.
I can work in this.

Chelsea, Jonathan and I found some
wonderful flowers on deep discount
yesterday so we will plant them today.

The deck furniture needs to come out
of Mom's shed and get cleaned up for
use at the party.
Then we will try to sell it at our
yard sale next weekend. 

Warren is power washing the deck.
He has part of it re-sealed but it
looks like the sealing of the rest
 will have to wait.... or we will
kill our guests with the fumes.
It takes a few days to air out.

Last week when Warren wanted to work
on the deck there were thunderstorms
every day he had opportunity to do so.

This week's gift of weather
also includes no rain.
Not so good for the farmers
but it works for us.

Jonathan is busy spreading a huge
dirt pile. Erosion had taken
a lot of our topsoil from a spot
in our side yard. A couple of years
ago a neighbor gave us a load of
dirt and said he would come and
spread it out. He forgot and we
have not wanted to bug him about it.

So, at long last, Jonathan is getting
a workout and spreading this soil.
Next we will have to plant and water
it....never at a loss for things to
do around the house and yard.

The photos in this post are of Mikey's
garden. The Russian Sage is once again
very full and pretty. The roses are taking
a breather and should be blooming 
again in a few weeks.

How is the weather 
where you are?

See you later!
Thanks for taking time out of your
busy day to stop in.



Bee said...

The weather is great over here. I'm glad to hear it's great where you are too. I'm actually wearing a jacket! I went you know where yesterday. It was great. I could have stayed there all day. :)

Vickie said...

Well, you know Texas. We've been having near 100's temps - swelteringly hot. Because of the hurricane, it's been cloudy the last few days and lower temps, but HIGH humidity. Step outside and it's like you are stepping out into a big soupbowl. Sweat is just pouring.

Now did you really wanna know???

Haha! Have a fine day, and a wonderful party this weekend! And tell your hubby that our decks needs re-sealing and he can just come on over to my farmhouse and take care of that when he gets through with yours!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am enjoying the reprieve from the hot weather, while we have it! I again sat on the deck this morning and it was cool...lovely!

Vee said...

Oh I meant to thank you for sending up some of those less humid days! So glad that the weather is going to cooperate for Chelsea's party. I've just learned this morning that I'll be hosting the 4th of July so we are busy, busy, too. Mercifully, not as busy as you, though.

Tracy's corner said...

The weather is great!! Love it. Love the flowers too.

Anonymous said...

We've been having great weather, too, here in NW Pennsylvania.

Kelly said...

The weather couldn't be any more perfect, in my opinion. I would be ecstatic if we could have this year round!