Saturday, August 30, 2008

With Jonathan's Help

This is the house, of which you only got to see the corner in the last post. This is the one attached to that tiny window that I find so fascinating. Doesn't this just take you back in time? As I passed by the other day, there was a little white haired lady weeding a flower bed. It was all I could do not to stop and ask her about this unique property. But, alas, we were on our way to work and could not spare the time.

Jonathan took this picture as we passed. Thank you, son.

Jonathan has been a very good sport about working this summer. He was initially very resistant to getting a job. He is uncertain about his abilities, which are much higher than he gives himself credit for. We asked that he not have to count money right away in this new job and his employers were fine with that. It is not that Jonathan can't count money, it is the pressure of someone waiting for him to do it that distracts him and makes him lose count. He will be fine if he does it enough and loses that nervousness. We didn't want him to run into a major frustration so soon after pushing him to work. Yes, we took the option of not working away. He needed to get over his fear and this was the time for it.

So, he has been working directly with tourists. Helping them enjoy their time at the farm where he works. He is very good at it, from what I hear. Jonathan always has been good with people. So, he has been tipped in skittles and dollar bills.
I thought the bag of skittles was unique.

Yesterday after I dropped him off I ran down to Route 30 and a shopping area there. It began to pour...and pour. I checked my cell phone and it was dead. ...Funny how they won't recharge themselves at the bottom of your pocketbook. Anyone have an idea for self charging cell phones? You'd make a million!

Anyway, I decided that as it did not look like it wanted to clear up any time soon, I would head back to the farm. The owners were trying to decide what to do when I got there. The tourists were having a blast. It didn't seem many of them were in a hurry to leave. I really expected an empty parking lot when I got there...but nope!
It was full.
In the downpour!

I commented to Chelsea that I could not believe these people were still smiling as they came out to their cars. It really must be better than Disneyworld...that is what they say!

Chelsea, Chloe and I waited an hour, after the decision was made to close, for Jonathan to appear. He didn't know we were there and he was having a very good time with his friends in the rain. While this may seem frustrating it is actually a huge blessing. Knowing that this, his first workplace, is comfortable and pleasant for Jonathan should give him the nudge he needs to feel good about his abilities in a more profitable workplace in a couple of years.

With every child we have different concerns.

But, one thing I know.

They are exactly who they are supposed to be and they are growing, so quickly, into awesome young men and woman. I am so thankful that God blessed us with these special people in our lives.

Blessings on your day!

Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

That building is very unique - I would love to see inside it.

I am glad that Jonathan has had a great experience there. My girls never fail to come out from work cheerful and happy. That says a lot about the place and the owners. I know every place has people issues, but we have been pleased with the kids working there.

Anonymous said...

Now you know Becky, I would of had to stop and talked to the lady!!

Great to hear about Jonathan! To get over his fear is a giant step!!

Oh Cloe!! How is my little friend?

Kelly said...

I love every one of your children -- they are all special in their own way. Jonathan is probably the most outgoing, although Mikey would run a close second. Chelsea is so quiet, but is so sweet.

Becky K. said...

Chloe asked about you just the other day...I think, Miss Paula...

She is just fine and running the house like the Princess she is.

Are your projects getting completed at your house?

Mrs. Rabe...perhaps we should go on a little visit? Maybe there is a wonderful history lesson just waiting to be learned.

Kelly...You have pretty much nailed the kids' personalities.
It is fun to get to know your boys as well. I forget that they are younger most of the time.

Becky K.