Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time with Miss Paula

A highlight of this week has been getting to spend time with Miss Paula, of Gathering of Friends. It is so easy to just chat away. Sometimes it feels like I have known her for a long time. I guess in a way I have, through the blog.

Monday we went to Longwood, as I told you.

Thursday Paula and her dear MIL, Phyllis, joined Myself, Chelsea and my MIL, Georgia at a local family restaurant called C.R. Lapps. It was a very good time. I have really enjoyed getting to know Phyllis at our weekly bowling challenges and am claiming her as a member of my family. Chelsea is always so excited to see her too.
It was Grandma Phyllis who hosted the surprise Birthday Party for Chelsea in July. She scored really big points for that!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures Chelsea and I took at our little luncheon.

Miss Paula...I tried to take an interesting camera angle and got a great shot of her glass and the ceiling. But she is pretty, right?

Georgia, you can't tell that she is saying.."Noooo"....

Chelsea spilled her full glass of water and was not amused. Poor kid.
I was just glad it was water.

Grandma Phyllis and I solving the world's problems.
So have no fear...we are here!
I can't get over how serious we look...

It was fun.

Paula and I both enjoyed the salad featured that day. It was huge! A bowl of mixed greens with toffee cashews, craisins, cheddar cheese, and cherry tomatoes as toppers. It was a great combination. We both agreed that we loved it.

Well, as usual Saturday is a busy day around here. Sunday is just around the corner and there is music to prepare, the church to "ready", and kids to take to their various jobs. So I am off.

Have a great Day!

Becky K.


SweetAnnee said...

Looks like a great day..Tell Chelsea she looks sweet when she

Anonymous said...

It was a good time!! I enjoyed it a lot!! Yes, the salad was great!! Poor Chelsea, it wasn't that bad...

But I do agree, it seems like I have known you for a long time. That my friend is due to being part of God's family!!!

Alicia said...

Oh yes, my mother in law is pretty! I am bias in saying this, but I think she is the best MIL, I am so blessed to have her!! She is more like a friend to me! And I will say I am glad she lives here is CA the rest of the year, sorry cant have her around all year long!!! ;)

lady jane said...

What fun!

Becky K. said...

Well, there is that nice house for sale across the street from me, Alicia....

Miss Paula was shocked at the price of Real Estate here. While we think it is is nothing compared to your prices in CA.

Alicia said...

No way Becky! She has to come home!!;) It can be her vacation home.....yes real estate is so high here but it is all relative when looking at incomes and such....they have gone down here though!