Thursday, August 21, 2008

Busy Morning!

This was the morning of my echo/stress test.

It began at 7:45am so I left the house at
6:50 AM. Yes, that was AM!

Not a big deal except that my whole family,
Grandmas included had been at Hershey Park
yesterday and the last of them trickled back
in about 12:30 AM. I stayed up to give them
instructions about today's schedule, etc.

I did not go to Hershey since I felt pretty
badly and you have to pay just to enter. I
know I do not ride many rides and hate to
spend money for nothing. There were plenty
of adults to go with all three of our kids so
I felt dispensable.

Can you say "restful?" That is the day I had
yesterday. I had to bail on a commitment I had
made to go pick out music for co-op because
I was feeling terrible. I slept, watched the
Olympics, slept, checked blogs, slept...
o.k. you get the drift.

So, this morning dawned bright and early and
I went to the hospital for my test. It went well,
I least they let me come home....

Then as I was home in time I took two kiddos
to work. Otherwise Grandma Georgia was going
to do it.
Jonathan started at 9:45 and Chelsea at 11:00.

I dropped Jonathan off and took Chelsea to Breakfast at
this sweet cafe. We shared a frozen mocha coffee drink and
a plain bagel with Cream Cheese before I took her over to
begin her shift.

I am back home briefly before I run Mikey off to his job.

So. I wanted to show you this favorite little spot I purposely
pass when I take the kids to work.

There are many roads to take, I enjoy this one.

Check out this barn. All alone out in the field.
Doesn't it look like fun?
I could make
this into such a cool workshop
for candlemaking or crafting.

I just love it!

Jonathan thought I was simply ridiculous to stick my arm and camera
out of the window for this "drive by" shot.

I knew You would understand....

You do...don't you?


Alicia said...

I completely understand!! Its a "BLOG" momment!! Hope you are doing okay Becky, I am not sure why you had the test done, maybe I need to re-read again, but I hope the results turn out well. They will turn out just how God has planned!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Praying for you - I almost called in the afternoon, to see if you wanted to come share our time on the deck, but am glad I didn't so that you could rest.

Much Love Friend!

Ja Sto said...

I am all about the drive by photo shot. I have even tried the drive by video, it doesn't work quite as well. A little bit bumpy if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I know where the Cafe is and I video'd with my Flip while driving so you are OK!!! (I even passed an Amish buggy while filming, that is talent, stupid, but talent)

Let us know all the results of the test. How they turn out!!

Take it easy, you are a busy woman!

Corn chowder and eggs???

Becky K. said...

Miss Paula,

With all of the chickens in Lancaster County we put eggs in EVERYTHING! Ha!

I bet you were eating eggs and never knew

Becky K.

Kelly said...

Of course I understand that drive-by shot -- I have done that same thing many times. I don't think you know that I've been an avid photographer for years, even before blogging. I've even done about 1/2 dozen weddings.