Friday, August 22, 2008

School Begins Monday

It is official.

We begin our homeschool year on Monday.

This means that today I need to spend
some time setting up computers with
French lessons and math programs.

Chelsea and Jonathan enjoyed time in
Central PA with their Grandma Ruth this week
and took in the PA Military Museum as a
Field Trip. They both enjoyed it.

I was surprised that Chelsea thought
much of it, while I knew that Jonathan
would enjoy the weapons. He knows and loves
all weaponry...why?
I have no idea!

While they were there they also had the
opportunity to spend most of a day on a
pontoon boat owned by some very dear friends.
They fished, had a picnic,
Chelsea rode in an inner tube pulled behind the
boat. They had a great time!
Thanks George and Sheila!!!!

I should mention that Chelsea caught 13 fish!

Boy, do I wish I had pictures.

Jonathan and George each got about 4...ahem!

Then, as I mentioned yesterday, there was the trip to
Hershey Park to wrap up the summer fun.

Everyone is appropriately exhausted now so
I think we can start the New School Year.

Field Trips of the past!

Pictures from a prior year's Field Trip to a Museum in
Virginia...look like the kids are out growing the turtle shell.

They have also changed over the many years we have gone to Williamsburg, VA:

It used to be a stretch just to reach the arm holes.
Not anymore. These were taken last fall.
Time flies, people.
It truly does!

I have plans if the weather is good to spend
some time in our first couple of weeks of school
at some gardens. There is a local one that
specializes in heirloom seeds. Mikey will
benefit from many garden tours as he continues
on his quest to becoming a garden designer.

There are a couple of gardens in the Philadelphia
area to look at.

This is the boys' next to last year of high
school. I am amazed and thankful that we
have made it this far and that both boys finally
have some direction for their futures.

It could change again, it often does for kids
this age, but I am glad that they are thinking beyond

Well, I had better get started on today's agenda.
Much to do and my energy supply has been running low.

Have a wonderful day.

Becky K.


Alicia said...

Why guys like weapons and guns, I dont know either! It starts at such a young age too, I am constantly telling my little boy preschoolers that guns dont come to preschool... Anyways, GO CHELSEA!! Wow, all those fish, shes one good fisher it seems!!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That turtle shell is hilarious!

Happy weekend Becky!


Anonymous said...

Oh Becky don't go wild and overdo!

Take it slow and easy!!

I need to have someone to talk to, I could go all day without the two E and K saying a word to me. Ugh it's too quiet. Mikey would talk to me I'm sure!!

KJ said...

I do a turtle-eating-lettuce impersonation, so this crawl in turtle would suit me just fine! LOL!

Happy Homeschooling! Summer flew, didn't it?


Tea Time and Roses said...

I so enjoyed this post! The turtle shell, my little grand daughter would have loved to crawl inside of it for photo! :o) Boy Chelsea had a wonderful fishing day indeed, thirteen fish that is fabulous! I know this weekend will be a busy one for you, but do remember to take a little time out for a cup of tea to two! Have a lovely weekend!



Lisa said...

Boys are just weird that way. Ha. I love the turtle pictures, wayyyy too cute!!

Lisa said...

Boys are just weird that way. Ha. I love the turtle pictures, wayyyy too cute!!

SweetAnnee said...

LOVE the pics of the kidlings..Chelsea looks so cute as a TURTLE!!
smiles, deena