Saturday, August 2, 2008


The perfect end to a day...

This evening the sweet husband and I
snuck out to a wonderful restaurant...
just the two of us!!!

Hints: die for...

Bread sticks which soak up salad dressing so nicely at
the end of the eating of the greens.

Chicken Parmesan for me...

Chicken Alfredo for him...

Tirimisu for two...ahhhh...

You have to know it was

Olive Garden!!!

I am a garlic mess but I loved it!

And to spend two focused hours with my
dear husband.
That does not happen nearly often enough.

I can recommend it friends!
Well, you had better go out with your own spouse,
not mine...but you get the drift...Ha!

Hope your weekend is going well.

Yesterday I met my dear blog friend, Miss Paula,
(Gathering of Friends).
I loved it!
There I was minding my own business when up popped an
email stating that she was at Panera Bread about a half
hour from our home and would I want to come by?

I warned her it would be about half an hour. Then headed out.

When I arrived, there sat Miss Paula, pretty in pink.
Playing with her pretty pink computer with its very own
black computer bag with pink straps. Too cute...and so pink!

We had a very quick chat as I had guests coming for dinner.

I am looking forward to seeing Miss Paula again while she is in
our wonderful state of PA.

Gotta run and grab some zzzz's.
Tomorrow will be here way too soon.


SweetAnnee said...

Oh sounds wonderful

We went out for Sea Scallops, linguini and salad..I had
honey jalepeno dressing (they
are home made)
at a lil pub here.
Hope all is well..I've missed
visiting you..Deena

Alicia said...

I thought that was Olive Garden!! I love their salad and breadsticks...yummy!!! Even though Ryan and I dont have kiddos *yet* we still make it a habit to go out on dates to have quality time together...and I know Paula and her hubby do the same!! A really good habit to get into!

Mrs. Rabe said...

I was so jealous that you met without me and yet it was just right too! You are friends on your own, not only through me!

Looking forward to sharing Longwood tomorrow with Paula and you!

Becky K. said...

Hey Deena,
Thanks for coming by. Hope you are feeling stronger.

Keep that habit. It will get harder to maintain.

Mrs. Rabe,
I am sorry. The opportunity came so quickly and I took it. Thanks for your hospitality last evening. It was so nice. Thanks for introducing Miss Paula and I. I love this blog friendship.

Becky K.