Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Olympics Are Killing Me!


I need to sleep!

Every night the Olympics are just getting good when I really should be calling it a night and heading to bed. Instead I am up watching Michael Phelps just stretch those fingers to make it to the wall 1/100th of a second before his closest competitor. It was a crazy race! But he got the Gold again.

This nearly caused his mother to faint.
She collapsed onto her seat and looked very pale.

Then there was the night of the Men's gymnastics when one of the Chinese Gymnasts fell from the Still Rings. Oyyyy! I thought he was going to have broken bones. To see him fall and just land like a rag doll. Scary!

The Rings have never struck me as a very dangerous piece of apparatus...but maybe they are.

Usually it is the balance beam and the parallel bars that have me cringing.

What do you love or hate about the Olympics?

We enjoyed watching the Gold Medal Round of the Men's Archery yesterday. Our Jonathan is pretty good with the bow so it was fun to "watch him watch", if you know what I mean.

Much to do today.

The guys of the household are off to a weekend concert, called Purple Door. It is Christian Loud Rock Music. Warren didn't really want to go but it was an opportunity to do this with the boys before they are all grown and out of here. Jonathan told him he should think of it as an investment in their relationship...hmmmm...I think he overheard his mother say that! They will have a good time.

Mikey is much looking forward to the Skate Park that gets set up on Saturday during the concert. He will be having a blast!

It is my turn to bring the Breakfast for church tomorrow and we have a fellowship meal, so I see a lot of food preparation in my very near future. Time to figure out what I am making.

So, have a great Saturday.

Becky K.


Ja Sto said...

We have been obssessed with watching the Olympics also. I have to choose nights where I have told myself I am not going to turn the TV on to watch the games because it is consuming. They have been great to watch and full of drama. Michael Phelps has been an inspiration for many Americans and I hope he wins his 8th.
Cheers to the sleepness nights we have all had in visual support of our American athletes.

Miss Paula said...

Oh Becky, I am staying awake to watch too and I have jet lag so I am watching with my eyes barely open....Wasn't that race last night awesome. Ryan and Alicia were over because we all went to Mexican Food and we watched and yelled and couldn't believe it! It's a good thing I am not getting up at 6 to take Kaitlin to school yet!!

Alicia said...

Oh I am right there with ya! Ryan and I have been staying up so late, but its so worth it!

Miss Paula said...

I am so tired and it's 45 minutes until Phelps last race. Ugh!!!!

Rob and Evan know who wins because during the marathon Rob was flipping channels and saw the results on ESPN.

Becky K. said...

It is now Sunday morning and I am soo very tired from watching the Olympics and waiting for the guys to get home from their mega concert.

Hope my fingers can find the right keys on the piano this morning at church.


Becky K.