Friday, August 29, 2008

An Enjoyable Commute

We are now on our fourth day straight of making the twenty minute drive through the countryside to drop at least one child off to the tourist laden farm at which Jonathan and Chelsea work. One would think that I would resent this trip.

Oh no!

I love it.

There are a bunch of little country roads to wander through.

It is an adventure every time.

All week I have told myself that if I just had my camera with me I could pull over and get the neatest picture of those grape vines loaded down with awesome looking fruit...maybe today. There is a sign that peaches are available for sale there today. I am sure they wouldn't mind if I took some pictures of their grapes...I will ask, of course, if I get the nerve.

Tuesday as I came across my very favorite road, the Lord and I were having a wonderful time. I was thanking Him for all of His Creation and for allowing us to live in a County that is flowing with milk and honey...really!

Pretty soon, way before I was ready, I came to the main road. There is not a lot of interest on this road normally. This week there were only delays from construction equipment. I was bemoaning the fact that this was like returning to the real world. All of a sudden in the field to my right sat a horse. Honestly! It was sitting like a dog. Then it threw its head back and got to its feet. I have never seen anything like it but I laughed so loud and long and thanked the Lord that He even added interest to my drive on that boring main road.

By now you are thinking that I have lost it, aren't you?

Sorry, no.

I am just enjoying the world the Lord has created for us and the things that I so often just take for granted.

Moseying down country lanes, waving at my Amish neighbors. Seeing the tobacco being harvested, one plant at a time. Getting behind the tobacco racks being pulled by mule and driver. And it is not stressing me a bit.

Must be a God thing.

Yesterday, I took the camera.

Here are some drive by shots...

You may remember this barn. I took this last week.

On the other side of the road are three wonderful buildings.

The first is this one. It sits close to the road and I have almost totally ignored it in my interest in the next one I can almost show you. Remember I was probably going 25 - 35 when I snapped these. I hope one day to get the courage to stop and just ask permission to take lots of pictures.
This is a dreamy spot!
It would be so fun to live there.

Back a lane is a tiny little cottage. Can you just barely see it?

You will want to click on this picture to make it larger but this building appears to be the main living quarters, although all you can see here is the tiniest window that is nearly always open when I go by. Can't you just imagine the fresh air and the sound of the birds singing that the owner enjoys all burrowed in the greens of the bushes and trees.

A little while further on this road I scared the sheep. Poor things. So upon my return trip, with camera in hand, they were farther up in the field. If you click on the picture you may see their horns.

This guy was drinking in style from his teal water bucket.

I so wish I could have captured these images as I see them. Without stopping and framing each picture you do lose a lot in the translation.

But suffice it to say that this has served as my quiet time this week. The Lord has met me in my car and we have enjoyed sweet fellowship! His creation, His provision for our every need, His presence. All are wonderful blessings to ponder.

I would love to read about your unexpected times with God.

Blessings on this day.

Becky K.


Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Becky!

What a lovely post! It is times like these that are special indeed, and you captured it just beautifully in these photos! It is something simply amazing about the natural beauty that surrounds us daily. Our Father not only created the earth, but decorated it for us too!:o) He is indeed wonderful and His handiwork, simply amazing! So glad you enjoyed your drive...just wonderful! Have a lovely weekend!



Anonymous said...

Are you trying to torture me??? Oh how I miss the country roads!!

When I was there driving on one of those roads I saw a horse rolling around on his back like cats do to scratch their backs. I had never seen that and I laughed!! Great post. Keep the pictures flowing!!

Mrs. Rabe said...

We do love our backroads drive as well. Mine is accompanied by my littles chattering, sometimes loses something in the translation!

I adore Pennsylvania - what a place of beauty.