Monday, August 18, 2008

Local "Run"

Well, the Olympics captured our attention again last night. Wow!

We were so hopeful for Shawn Johnson, that she would get the gold
on her floor routine. She came so close with holding everyone else
off until the Romanian Gymnast came out and beat her.

We watched the races and saw the Jamaicans take spots one, two and three
very handily in the 100 meter run.

It reminded me of some pictures I took recently out our front window.

The local Community Association hosted a fundraiser race and the path
they took went directly in front of our home. We received a flyer a
couple of weeks before stating that we should keep dogs inside during
the two hour period of time that the race would be proceeding. It is
a good time they notified us because our Kimmy hates strangers. MUCH!

She would have had some very nasty things to say to these people.
And, since they were running she would have thought they had done
something wrong and would have wanted to catch them...

I know, she looks innocent....not so.

She can be aggressive.
It is my biggest worry about her.

Anyway, check out the height of the corn and how tiny the
runners/walkers look. We were near the end of the race
so we got to see the tired/bedraggled runners.

I just loved that the people that ran or walked past our house wore real clothes. These outfits at the Olympics have me worried sometimes. There is no room to spare before we are back to the naked athletes of Greece. Yikes!

Anyway...Obviously, there was not much to post about thanks for indulging me...Maybe tomorrow I will be inspired with something awesome...



Sarah said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment! I made the same remark to someone yesterday - that we are working towards naked athletics in the Olympics! It's crazy. I guess they are more aerodynamic... but, WOW. :-)

Tracy's corner said...

love your doggie. yum corn on the cob!!!

Miss Paula said...

I went to bed a little after 8 last night. Swimming is over and so is the Olympics. With staying up late and jet lag I was feeling pretty bad last night. So I had to get a good night's sleep! I have to rest up as pretty soon I will be getting up real early to take Kate to Zero period for Madrigals!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh those runners sure do look tired!!! That corn looks wonderful..what a view you have and it must be quite peaceful!
Have a great day!

lady jane said...


Rocky was reading your blog with me and said that your street looks like the street his aunt lived on in the same town. Hmm. Now wouldn't THAT be interesting?!

Becky K. said...

Now that would be interesting....

We must email!

Becky K.