Friday, August 15, 2008

Church Update

It would be strange for me to never blog
about our church since it is such a huge
part of our lives. I do try to keep my
thoughts and opinions about it to a minimum,
though, so as to not bore you.

People I run into in "real life" do not get
away so easily...poor things.

When we moved into our current building
June 1st, there were about twenty of us...
and that may be generous.

We had 40 chairs and they were spread far
apart to look like more. You remember the
chair sagas? Yes, there was more than one
occasion that someone had to run and meet
the truck, the last one being when they discovered
at the truck station that they had
one more of our boxes. I am so glad they found
it because we had not yet missed it and it held
all of the screws for putting the last 50 chairs together.

In the past couple of months God has
blessed us with families and individuals
who are genuinely seeking God's own heart.

To date, there are 48 who are committed to
this church family. Others are still making
decisions and new visitors come weekly.

What a blessing!

Just this week there was an article printed in
our local weekly free paper. Everyone receives
it by mail on Tuesdays. It was a great article.
There has been an instant response to it from the

I also designed the children's page for our web site
this week. I am excited about keeping this fresh
for the young kiddos in the church. I want it to
be a place that they can look to prepare for Sunday.

This week I defined apologetics...since this will be the
first week of our class series on the subject.
Granted I gave them a simplified definition, but
it is a jump start so that they will not feel lost
in the conversation. Hopefully, if they prepare
for the class they will be interested in hearing
and speaking what they know.

I will put funny photos on this kid's page as well
as stories, games and puzzles. My Mom is going to
assist in this venture. You can see the page

This is a picture of the new sign that Pastor Mike
designed. He and Warren had a good time installing
it. I would not have thought of the color combination
but it really looks great when the sun is setting and
there is a rosy glow on the sign.

I took this picture while the sign was being installed so all of the dirt was not yet back in its place.

The ladies have ongoing discussions about the urinal in the only bathroom available to us at this point. One of our ladies thinks it would make a great Italian fountain design and would like us to fill it with

We have laughed a lot about this poor urinal.

It actually is an issue. Funny, isn't it? I grew up in a church that for the longest time had an outhouse. Now we are frustrated because the bathroom facilities aren't aesthetically perfect. I am guilty too.

A lot has been accomplished in the little over two months that we have been in the building. God is blessing us with fellow worshipers. It was such a blessing to have Miss Paula(Gathering of Friends) and her family visit with us on Sunday.

If you think of it, just keep us in prayer that we would not get our eyes off the main thing, the Word of God and our relationship with Him. It is so easy to get caught up in the "work".

Lord, keep us wanting more of YOU!

Your friend,

Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Great post!

Funny thing is - the urnal doesn't bother me - it's a bathroom - as long as it is clean, I'm good!

Anonymous said...

I was in on this discussion a little. I vote for doing something so that it isn't the "thing" you see when you open the door or the door is open!! Or take it out!!

Mary Isabella said...

I am the director of Children's Church at our church and I find your children's page very informative and a fun place for the children to learn. May our Lord continue to shower you with his blessings......Mary