Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Award and Thanksgiving Music

Alicia has surprised me with yet another award.

Wow! What a week.

Thank you, Dear Alicia.
I was just at Alicia's Blog to get the link and, oh my, she is ready for fall. Love the new look, Alicia!

I am going to offer this to any reader
who has commented in the last month.

You know who you are...and Kelly that
means you too. I have been loving your
posts! Great job at getting your blog

Girls At The Piano by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Girls At The Piano

I met with our other Co-op Choir director yesterday
to see what options she had picked up for music to
use in our Thanksgiving Concert. We were supposed
to go together to look at music but that was during
the time that I was so terribly bless her
heart she went alone.

We have never done a Thanksgiving Concert so it will
be fun and different. The music is challenging and I
am willing to learn some of it, however, we only have
nine weeks to work with the choirs before the performance
so I have decided that we will do two complicated pieces
per choir that I direct and one praise chorus done chorally.

One of the more challenging pieces will be performed by three
choirs combined. Of course this adds to the complexity of
the entire program so I am beginning to feel it in the pit
of my stomach. However, I am sure that our kids will pull
it off.

This will be my second year directing the 4-6th grade choir as well
as the High School Ensemble. Both have more members this year than
last so that is comforting. Why? Couldn't tell just is.

I look forward to including some short drama pieces and American
Sign Language into the program. We will have involvement from
all classes beginning with the Preschoolers. They can do nothing
wrong. Soooo cute!

I am sure that as things progress
I will be commenting here about it.
Whether I am panicked or pleased.

Well, I think I hear life calling me away
from the computer...


You have a blessed Day...

"see" you soon!


Mrs. Rabe said...

It will be great Becky!

I am excited - hopefully we will get the date from the church!

Alicia said...

Thanks Becky!! A Thanksgiving music thing will be fun! At preschool we gear our kids up for a Thanksgiving sing where all the classes get together to sing and give thanks!