Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time with Friends...

Last evening was our bi-weekly Family Bible Study at church.

We used to call it Small Group...but that wouldn't fit any more.
It is not a "Small Group".

It is, however, a very nice group.

We share in and prayer.

Afterwards there is never a lack of fellowship.

Last evening Bob, who I have referenced before
as a very fun competitor for bowling, brought
his telescope and we checked out Jupiter.
It was a great night for it.
Much better than those crystal clear nights in
January...sure you can see everything...but that is
if you can stop shivering enough to do so.

Last night the weather was perfect and Jupiter
was on its best behavior. Just sitting there
to be enjoyed...well, we did have to keep adjusting
the telescope. Nothing stands still for long in our

Before we began Bible Study last evening there was a
siren. Bob pulled out his radio...he is a volunteer for
a different company. We all listened in amazement
to hear that a car had driven into, literally, our local
minute market...the Turkey Hill.

According to the radio that car hit someone inside.

I cannot find any news about it yet today, so I am
making an assumption that no one was seriously injured...
at least I hope that is the case.


They were replacing the front windows of the store when we
passed by at 11:30 last evening.

You just never know.

Well, I am off to see how much I feel up to accomplishing
today. I am still dizzy and struggling with this head ache.
I picked up a prescription today for a med that is supposed
to help with dizziness and nausea.

The stress test came back normal...for that I am very thankful!

See you with "Worship" Tomorrow.

Becky K.


Mrs. Rabe said...

It was an awesome evening. Great Bible study, great viewing God's creation! Some "Big Red Gum" craziness by the kids.....

Miss Paula said...

It hasn't been clear here in the AM. Overcast skies which cool it down. I am glad you were able to have clear skies to see what's up there in the galaxy far far away!

Sounds like you had a good time!!

Terri and Bob said...

Howdy! I hope your head is better. I love the stars and planets. I learned something new about you today!